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Reigns Beyond blasts off for Switch and PC on April 17

The multi-million selling Reigns series goes sci-fi as Reigns Beyond blasts off for Switch and PC on April 17

Developer Nerial (Reigns, Card Shark) and Devolver Digital are delighted to announce that Reigns Beyond, a science fiction spin on the multi-million selling Reigns series, will be setting phasers to ‘launch’ on PC and Switch on April 17.

Reigns Beyond takes the series’ famous narrative-driven, card-swiping gameplay to cosmic new heights. Journey across the universe as an intergalactic band, playing shows, recruiting new members, and rocking the cosmos.

But it wouldn’t be Reigns without risk. As you embark on this epic multi-planet tour you have to keep your crew in check and your ship running. One wrong decision can leave you stranded, or worse, in the depths of space.


  • Unlock legendary galactic guitars and rock out in front of your adoring fans
  • Fight pirates, overzealous tax collectors, and more in swipe-based dogfights
  • Hang out on your ship for band practice and help out lost space travelers
  • Meet over 60 curious characters, including a know-it-all AI, a space bear, a scholarly mollusk, and your manager, Lord Shark
  • Swipe over 1,700 decision cards, offering endless possibilities
  • Original soundtrack by Sam Webster (Grindstone)

Previously only available on Apple Arcade, Reigns Beyond will be making its Switch and PC debut on April 17. See for more information.

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