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Redcoats #1 Review

Redcoats #1 Review Matt Fischer

Summary: Weird science is out. Weird history is in. This book is ridiculous and intriguing, which means the reader is in for a melting pot of hilarity and mystery. Grab it before it’s gone.


Strange history

Background – History is weird.

Writing – We open with Paul Revere warning everyone that the Redcoats are coming, except in this book, they are already there. The British proceed to beat Paul until a large group of possibly mystical fireflies comes and eats the redcoats from the inside out. John Hancock of all people helps Paul Revere to his feet while admitting that it was he who sent the fireflies to save Paul.

We then move to December 25 1776, as we meet our “hero” Simon Pure as he is being chased by what seems like the whole Northern army. He describes himself as a deserter, a coward, and a cheater. His desertion of the Redcoats has led to a life as a fugitive from just about everyone. Seeking refuge in a barn, he comes across a cult dressed in robes and Red Hoods conducting a ceremony with none other than Benjamin Franklin at the center. Simon is caught and while fighting to escape he is hit by… something? It’s not made clear, but whatever the cult was trying to do to a very willing Ben Franklin instead happens to Simon. The church explodes… and then it is almost 116 years later.

Simon runs afoul of a group of men who are out to avenge their fallen family member. Who that is, Simon has no idea. In three following panels we see that in 1790 somebody avenged their dead brother, in 1827 a man avenged his father, and in 1892, these men have come to kill Simon to avenge their cousin. Simon leaps out a window and hightails it to a local pub, where he sees his favorite barkeep Betsy. Betsy promptly smacks him and we see another quick few panels of women throughout the years slapping Simon. The men eventually catch up to Simon and in the ensuing struggle he is shot and killed.

Except he’s not dead! No, instead he wakes up in his grave and is dug out by a small child with black hair who turns out to be a VERY young Albert Einstein. The issue then ends with the cult finding him after 116 years of looking.

This book is nuts. Benjamin Franklin is in a weird cult, John Hancock is a man who has special powers, and every single person that meets Simon grows to hate him fairly quickly. He’s a self-confessed coward, liar, and cheater whose main goal is to just keep living. He honestly reminds me a lot of John Constantine, but without the magical powers (minus the immortality). I’m also sure we met another character in the book, one that will have a great impact on the history of the United States in her own book that is being released later this year.

As for young Albert, he apparently needs Simon to stop some great evil from rising. Einstein’s already brilliant at a young age. According to the book he learned to speak English in 3 days. Making him Simon’s sidekick is just zany enough to work.

Artwork – I’ve said this before: Bryan Hitch may not be the best writer, but good lord is he a fantastic artist. All these pages are big, bold, and clear. The presentation of the attacking fireflies is very nice. They all glow an eerie blue instead of the normal warm yellow glow and watching them eat the Redcoats from the inside out makes them all look like Ghost Rider, which is kind of awesome. There are a lot of giant beams of light and energy and stuff like that, but the thing that Hitch draws so well is facial expressions. Every character has such clearly defined emotions which is very nice to see after reading some other books (no offense to JRJ)

Final Thoughts – This book is ridiculous. Redcoats, a supernatural John Hancock, Paul Revere getting his butt kicked, an immortal who has definitely been wasting his gift, and a young Albert Einstein make for a melting pot of hilarity and mystery. The book reveals a lot more than one might expect and because of that, it has secured at least a second issue purchase from me. Grab it before it’s gone.

Final score: 4 out of 5

Comic Details

Publisher:  Ghost Machine (Image)
Creators:  Geoff Johns & Bryan Hitch
Inkers: Bryan Hitch & Andrew Currie
Colorist: Brad Anderson
Letterer: Rob Leigh
Genre:  Superhero (?)
Format: Monthly
Release Date: 04/03/2024


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