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REBORN #3 REVIEW Dana Folkard

Summary: Engaging story with gorgeous visuals.


Exciting and fast-paced!

Still recovering after their disatrous encounter with the hostile Faerie Queen, Bonnie and her father continue to venture forth in their quest to find her husband. However, things aren’t smooth sailing for this adventurous pair as they continuously run into trouble. It’s hard to stay hidden when you’re Adystria’s warrior Queen and have a bounty on your head!

Reborn #3 begins with Bonnie and her father recovering after the unexpected attack from the Faerie Queen. Unfortunately there is no time for rest as they are abruptly attacked by a flock of dragons, led by the colossal Arimathea, a lion-headed dragon who is the lover of Lord Golgotha. After narrowly escaping the dragons, they are suddenly ambushed by mercenaries and taken as prisioners to IL Margo’s Quarter in the Dark Lands. This dank shanty town is filled with all kinds of vile thugs and delinquents and is run by a ruthless despot gangster. So one could say that their situation looks pretty hopeless. Just when things seem like they can’t get any worse, our duo is thrown an unexpected lifeline in the form of Bonnie’s warrior powers. This is the awakening we have been waiting for and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Let’s just say that dungeon delving just got a whole lot more interesting!

This is one hell of a fast-paced issue, with action scenes coming at you left, right and centre! Even with all of this action, Mark Millar has still allowed us to learn more about the history of this world through subtle dialogue exchanges. We are constantly discovering more about the lore, about Bonnie and about her dad. I rather like how we are being fed this information, on the go just like Bonnie. No time to sit down and catch up, let’s do it as we run away from dragons and angry hordes, brandishing swords! It’s fun and entertaining and it has my attention. I also love the villains we have met so far. We all know Millar can create an epic villain but these guys are different and something else. General Frost, I’m looking in your direction. I just love the idea of a disgruntled pet, who is still bitter about you neutering them in their previous life being one of your biggest enemies. It’s good to see a villain that not only nasty and sinister but also charismatic, interesting and totally original. It really makes for a much more unique and dynamic story if you have unusual characters such as this. Also, now that Bonnie’s powers are starting to awaken, it’ll be interesting to see how she will grow and change and that’s something I’m looking forward to seeing.

Greg Capullo’s art is diverse and captivating. There is so much to take in and all of it is wonderful and eclectic. Insane hybrid animals and dragons that will have any fantasy lover foaming at the mouth, beautiful vistas with strange and unlikely landscapes and rambling town and villages filled with all sorts of criminals and rogues. Like I mentioned earlier, this is a fast-paced issue with a lot of action scenes and fight sequences. There is a fluidity to Capullo’s art that perfectly captures the sense of movement that you’d expect to see from such a scene. All I can say is that it all comes together to create an epic visual feast that is not only fun but diverse and unique to look at. Colourist, FCO Plascencia, and inker, Jonathan Glapion, really help to establish the overall mood and tone of this issue. It all comes together seamlessly to create a polished, yet gritty take on a sci-fi fantasy setting.  I also quite liked that as the story progresses the outer frame grow darker in a gradient effect, which I thought was reflective of their travels as they got closer to the Dark Lands. It was visually effective as your progress though the story and reinforced the sense of foreboding.

Reborn #3 has me hooked. Whether it’s the characters, the setting, the story or the visuals, it’s all unique, diverse and fantastical. This is a story that will appeal to not only fantasy lovers but also to those who are looking for an engaging story with wonderful art. I’m curious to see more of Bonnie’s warrior powers and I want to explore the Dark Lands and see what Lord Golgotha has planned for them. The only disappointment I have is that I have to wait for the next issue. Seriously, get into it and embark on a journey!

I’m giving this issue 5 out of 5 stars!

Comic Details
Reborn #3
Publisher: Image Comics
Creative Team: Mark Millar, Greg Capullo, FCO Plascencia, Jonathan Glapion.
Reviewer: Dana Folkard

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