Published on April 25th, 2024 | by Adrian Gunning

Razer: Top 10 Wallpapers for Summer

Summer is here, and it’s time to heat things up at your gaming rig! Razer Axon, a wallpaper PC app keeps your setup cool with a sizzling collection of summer-themed high quality animated and static wallpapers. These dynamic visuals can be synced with your Razer Chroma RGB peripherals to bring new depths of color and immersion to your desktop for a refreshingly vibrant experience.

We’ve curated a list of the Top 10 Summer-themed wallpapers available on Razer Axon, featuring everything from tropical beaches and lush rainforests to refreshing underwater scenes and vibrant sunsets. These dynamic wallpapers, synced with your Razer Chroma peripherals, will create a truly immersive summer experience on your desktop.

Vintage California Collection

The “Vintage California” collection by Alison Silver is a series of wallpapers in Razer Axon designed with nostalgic vibes and So-Cal inspired scenery wrapped in warm summer tones.

Link to wallpaper: Link, Link

Morning Routine

In “Far Far Away”, Hakimi Hamizi gives us warm animated images of scenes inspired by anime movies.  These wallpapers have soft motions giving the feeling of a summer breeze through these sunny countryside scenes.

Link to wallpaper: Link

Sonic Superstars

Created by the Sonic Team, join Sonic and team in this colorful wallpaper with Chroma RGB effects.

Link to Wallpaper: Link

Vacation Vibes

Breaking the fourth wall, Razer’s original wallpaper brings summer vacation vibes – right to your desktop.

Link to Wallpaper: Link

Lost in Santorini

Ric Yang’s “Lost in Santorini” is a marvelous blend of the many enchantments of Santorini in the summer – vibrant greenery, brightly colored architecture, and the majestic azure of the Mediterranean Sea.

Link to Wallpaper: Link, Link, Link

Back to School

In Jiri Najman’s “Reconnect With Your Inner Child”, long forgotten scenes of childhood are pictured as nostalgia meets everything from early morning rays to late summer nights.

Link to Wallpaper: Link

The Serene Cabin

Don Li’s tranquil portrayal of a cabin basking in warm summer rays provides refreshing respite amidst the heat.

Link to Wallpaper: Link

Green Alley

Set in a rural countryside away from the hustle and bustle of the cityscape, Green Alley paints a vivid and homely retreat of summer spent reconnecting with nature.

Link to Wallpaper: Link

Discovering Japan Vol.1 Collection

Ric Yang’s idyllic yet candid shots of Japan in the warmer seasons evoke a sense of zen energy that can only be found in the land of the rising sun.

Link to Wallpaper: Link, Link

Axon Create Contest Choice: Retro Revival

Generated by the Axon community via Razer Axon Create’s AI generative technology, “Retro Revival” presents a myriad of warm-toned scenes that mimic the warm embrace of summer.

Link to Wallpaper: Link, Link, Link


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