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Razer Atheris Review

Razer Atheris Review James Wright

Summary: The Razer Atheris is a little dynamo that packs a punch and although it won't replace your main mouse, it's perfect for travelling or gaming on the go!



The Razer Atheris makes for the perfect travelling ‘mouse’ companion that is not only compact but offers excellent responsiveness and more importantly is wireless. It includes everything you need to connect this device to your PC from batteries to the USB dongle which can also be stored in the mouse itself or a traditional Bluetooth connection. This means that the mouse supports two wireless connections that include Bluetooth and 2.4Ghz wireless.

In terms of performance, the Atheris boasts a 7,200 DPI optical sensor, an IPS tracking speed of up to 220 and 30g acceleration which makes it perfect for all tasks from gaming to surfing the net and even Photoshop. Furthermore, it has a polling of 1000Mhz (250Mhz for Bluetooth) and five programmable buttons plus all your standard mouse features such as the two main buttons and clickable scroll wheel.

According to Razer, the Atheris will allow up to 350 hours of continuous use from just two AA batteries through Bluetooth LE. The only thing missing from the Razer Atheris is the option of a wired connection because if you don’t have replacement batteries, you won’t be able to use the mouse. Swapping between Bluetooth and the 2.4Ghz band is done by the switch on the bottom of the mouse.

Another interesting feature is that the Atheris comes with Adaptive Frequency Technology (AFT) which scans different frequencies in order to find the best one for the user as other frequencies may have interference. The mouse will even inform the user when the batteries are becoming low as the LED on the DPI button will start to flash. Design wise, the Atheris supports both left and right handed users and more importantly, it feels good in your hand with decent button placement.

In terms of performance, we found the Atheris exceptionally good and for games such as Call of Duty WW2 and StarCraft 2, it worked very well. Sure it’s missing some elements from pure gaming mice but overall, it delivered a good peripheral. This was the same for everyday use, surfing the net and using programs like Excel, Outlook and Photoshop.

Also as it’s a small mouse (99.7 x 62.8 x 34.1mm), I was actually surprised at all the features Razer implemented, especially it’s high-end accuracy and the textured sides adds to the overall control. Tweaking the buttons and sensitivity of the mouse is done through the Synapse 3 software which is very easy to use and it even supports Razer Hypershift which adds additional controls or premapped functionality tothe Atheris.

Final Thoughts?

The Razer Atheris is a little dynamo that packs a punch and although it won’t replace your main mouse, it’s perfect for travelling or gaming on the go!



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