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RAT QUEENS #12 REVIEW Dana Folkard

Summary: The Queens go dungeon delving, whilst Dee is transported to an otherworldly realm.


God complex


Whilst on the path to help their owl-headed friend, the Queens find themselves at the mercy of a brain controlling nightmare monster. Meanwhile, Dee encounters a sex god who transports her to an otherworldly realm, where the gods gather to hang, relax and fornicate.

This issue begins with swords clashing as Violet desperately tries to stop Braga, who is being mind controlled by a monster, from hacking and slashing her to pieces. Luckily though, Maddie comes to the rescue, severing the tentacle from the back of Braga’s head, freeing her from its control. The three of them then stand together and face the beast who has control of their friends. One by one they sever the connection, thus freeing them from the beast. The Queens then decide to move deeper into the cavern, whereupon they stumble across an orc encampment. Fear is struck in Braga, as she recognises their banner, revealing that they have come across the notorious Broog flesher camp!

Meanwhile, Dee meets a sex god who transports her to “The God Spot”, a strange reality where the gods hang out, have sex, drink and relax with the spirits of the dead. She is informed by the Love God that she is now a member after successfully invoking the “Great Three”. Pretty much, three impossible tasks that make you godly and worshipped by all. With this momentous revelation, Dee sits back, quaffing wine whilst struggling to come to terms with her new role as a deity. Things clearly are going to be very different for Dee from now on.

Right, first thing I’m going to say about this issue is that I’m so damn intrigued by Dee’s story. I absolutely love the whole new and exciting layer that this development brings to the Rat Queens saga. Heck, one of the Queens is a god now, and I have so many questions niggling away at me regarding this. What does that mean for Dee? Is she still going to be a Queen? Are we going to see lots of weird god sex? And most importantly, can that naked sex god smidgen be trusted? I can’t help but be suspicious of Dee’s predicament, and If I’m to go off previous Queens stories, I’ll safely assume that all is not as it seems. Something stinks about this god reality. Be safe Dee!

The Queens storyline is nothing special, just another raid with a strange monster encounter. What I mostly love about this part of the story is the dynamic between Hannah and Sadie. These two seem to be forming a close friendship, and I just love the light-hearted banter that flies between them. In fact, it felt like the other Queens took a backseat for this part of the story, allowing for most of our attention to focus on Hannah and her sexy owl-headed cohort. I also thought it was interesting to see Braga filled with fear and trepidation over seeing the Broog banner. Braga is normally a stoic, confident and powerful character, so seeing her scared and alarmed by these orcs definitely has me intrigued. These guys are bad and I can’t wait to see how bad they are.

Owen Gieni’s art is once again wonderful and expressive. I really find his art to be quite lovely and hard to fault. I particularly liked the interesting panelling we see during the fight sequence at the beginning of the issue. I thought that it was a powerful and impactful way to open this chapter. Gieni does a great job at drawing high-impact raid scenes, filled with action, blood and lots of movement. I also loved the scenes with Dee in the god realm, in particular the naked and voluptuous sex god. She’s great! Dee’s story offered a nice and unusual visual diversion from the Queens story, with a pretty and colourful palette, odd creatures and random sexing spirits in the background. I thought the diversity was a treat to see!

Overall, I thought that this was an interesting and curious issue of Rat Queens. I’m buzzing with questions regarding Dee and her latest venture, and can’t wait to discover more about her new role as a god. The Queens are also in a spot of bother, which will no doubt herald an exciting and thrilling adventure in the next issue.

I’m giving this issue 4.2 out of 5 stars!

CREATIVE TEAM: Kurtis J. Wiebe, Owen Gieni, Ryan Ferrier
PUBLISHER: Image Comics/Shadowline Comics
GENRE: High fantasy
PUBLICATION DATE: October 24, 2018
REVIEWER: Dana Folkard

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