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Summary: A séance reveals a darker and more disturbing twist to this tale.


Shrouded in mystery!

Desperate for answers, Trevor Bruttenholm finds himself participating in a séance, hoping that he can speak to the soul who inhabited the corpse of Albert Mayhew. However, the entire experience leaves him with more questions than answers, as the whole case is shrouded in a veil of mystery.

We begin this issue at the SS Headquarters in Berlin, 1941. Rasputin is poring over documents, seeking answers to the secrets he is trying to unravel. He is abruptly interrupted with an update on the progression of Operation Geist, where he learns that field agents, Kroenen and Kurtz have been successful in England, and are now heading onto France. We then jump to Essex, England, where we see Trevor, along with his uncle and an assortment of associates of his uncle about to participate in a séance . Leading the séance is Lady Cynthia Eden-Jones, a powerful psychic, who is trying to tap into and speak to the spirit that animated the body of Albert Mayhew. After they make contact with a spirit, who reveals some puzzling information, Trevor is left troubled as the entire experience raised more questions that it answered. Two of the associates that were at the séance, who were both members of the Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra, reveal to Trevor that the Nazi’s might be seeking the lost tomb of Eugene Remy, the founder of the Brotherhood, who is interred with ritualistic items of significance. Trevor’s uncle warns him that this is a dark business, and to leave this case alone for fear of what dangers may unfold from pursuing it. Still desperate for answers, Trevor decides to visit the estate of Albert Mayhem, where he has a rather peculiar encounter with unexpected visitors.

I love the deep sense of unease and mystery surrounding the events of Operation Geist. Trevor is a keen investigator, but after one puzzling incident, after another, even he is left baffled and troubled by the strange turn that the séance took. Theories and speculations are being made, with the theory about the Nazi’s searching for the tomb of Eugene Remy being the most likely. This dark and mysterious revelation regarding the Brotherhood strikes fear within Trevor’s uncle and naturally sets an ominous tone and a sense of foreboding that underpins the narrative. I also enjoy when Chris Roberson incorporates characters we have come to know from the Mignolaverse into the story. This really is a comic for Hellboy fans, and seeing characters like Karl Ruprecht Kroenen, Leopold Kurtz and Lady Cynthia come into the picture is always exciting for us all. Roberson is venturing forth into deep Mignolaverse mythology here, and I’m curious to see more of this tale unfold as the story progresses.

Artist, Christopher Mitten brings his own unique spin on the Mignolaverse aesthetic. He weaves a compelling visual narrative that perfectly suits the dark and twisted tone of the story. Mitten has a wonderful ability of transporting me into each gripping moment, through his wonderfully detailed and expressive drawings. This feels like a story set in the Mignolaverse, and I believe Hellboy fans will be pleased with his drawings that heightens the overall menacing vibe of the narrative. The colouring, by Dave Stewart works well alongside the art in delivering a bleak and somewhat murky looking world. Darker colours are used, which I believe helps to foster this sense of mystery and unease. I also enjoy how Stewart captures the warm glow of Bruttenholm’s lamp when he is in Albert Mayhew’s manor. The solitary glow of the lamp makes the interiors look vast and spooky, like you’d expect to see in an old-fashioned horror film.

Overall, I found this to be an ominous and engaging chapter in the tale. Trevor is venturing forth into dark territory, and whilst we know how this story ends, it’s exciting to see the events leading up to Project Ragna Rok, the arrival of Hellboy and the formation of the BPRD. Look, it’s no surprise that I’m a Hellboy fan and right now, I can only see things I like about this story and where it is going. Chris Roberson weaves a compelling narrative, and Christopher Mitten’s art is both lovely and detailed to look at. Hellboy fans shouldn’t hesitate to go and grab a copy ASAP!

I’m giving this issue 4.5 out of 5 stars!

CREATIVE TEAM: Mike Mignola, Chris Roberson, Christopher Mitten and Dave Stewart
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
PUBLICATION DATE: December 06, 2017
REVIEWER: Dana Folkard

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