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Published on July 4th, 2022 | by Chris O'Connor

Ragnarock Hellfest DLC PC VR Review

Ragnarock Hellfest DLC PC VR Review Chris O'Connor

Summary: Get your drumming going and inspire your crew to the stage of Hellfest!


Hella Good

It’s been a while since I picked up Ragnarock and I have to say… the moment I was back on my long boat thumping away as I looked out over my crew… I was reminded of how much I love the game. There are obviously plenty of rhythm games out there, but the fact that in Ragnarock you can see the crew you are inspiring to row harder with each successful beat of the drums just makes it so much more satisfying. What I didn’t realise is how much more satisfying it becomes when you know you are urging your rowers to get you to the stage of Hellfest!

Yes this DLC is centered around the Hellfest rock festival and as mentioned, it really does add an extra layer of motivation to get your boat going as fast as possible so you can join the other revelers. It’s not just the new scenery/end goal… there are a bunch of new tracks to thump along to.

The Offspring – “You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid”

Nightwish – “Tribal”

DragonForce – “Heart Demolition”

Gojira – “Born For One Thing”

Helloween – “Skyfall”

Blind Guardian – “Battlefield”

Avatar – “Going Hunting”

The Rumjacks – “One For The Road”

Therion – “Great Marquis of Hell”

Disconnected – “Life Will Always Find Its Way”

Fejd – “Härjaren”

I’m not a big Offspring fan (and to be honest don’t really think of them as Heavy Metal either)… but there were plenty of tracks here that I was happy to drum along to, which is testament to the variety in the pack.

If you want a bit more say in how things look, there’s also the new Locker room, where you can choose your long ship and hammers from those you’ve unlocked along the way.

As far as DLC for a rhythm game goes, this is a pretty impressive deal. Normally you might expect a few new songs maybe some scenery changes… but this the Hellfest DLC really does a good job of trying to transport the player to the festival. The map included with the DLC aims to recreate all the mythical locations of the festival within the game so those who can’t make it to the actual event can at least join in the festivities in a virtual world.

It’s great to see a DLC that doesn’t just add “fluff” to a game but actually adds arguably more meaning and potentially emotional connection. That might be hyperbolic to some but I suspect to those for whom Hellfest is a big event on the yearly calendar, it probably does have a bit more of an emotional element to have it represented in the game world.

For anyone who already loves Ragnarock whether a Hellfest fan or not I’d recommend this DLC, it takes what was already a great experience and just puts a layer of lovely icing on that cake. For those who know and love Hellfest… you probably want to grab this ASAP.

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