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Quantum Physics for Babies Book Review

Quantum Physics for Babies Book Review Andrew Bistak

Summary: Quantum Physics for Babies is truly made simple


Made simple

Created by Chris Ferrie, Quantum Physics for Babies is a fun, albeit short look into quantum theory that has been made especially for younger children… and their parents. Given the complexity of quantum physics and how electrons work, including how energy is quantized, Chris Ferrie simplifies this theory with just a couple of words per page and an illustration.

This electron has the most energy

Even though your baby may not understand the concept of Quantum Physics, the bright pages and simple illustrations will definitely catch their eyes and more importantly and as mentioned, it’s great for parents to get their heads around this branch of science as it stimulates everyone in your family, whether young or old. So although this book doesn’t give us a straight answer, it does go into detail about this branch of science well.

This electron has the least energy

Final Thoughts?

Quantum Physics for Babies describes this interesting scientific topic in the most basic of terms that will give parents an understanding of this theory as babies enjoy the visual content. Furthermore, this book is written by physicist, mathematician and father who believes it’s never too early to introduce big ideas to small children!


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