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Quake Champions | New Molten Falls Arena Now Live In-game!

Yet more updates for Quake Champions, following hot on the heels of an impressive Free-to-Play Trial during this year’s E3. Now, as part of the ongoing promise to support the evolution of this adrenaline-fueled arena shooter, and to keep the content rolling for new and veteran players alike, here’s an overview of The Molten Falls and the features that accompany its launch.


  • THE MOLTEN FALLS – The latest zone of the Dreamlands to sear its way into your awareness is The Molten Falls. A new Goroth Map from the Dimension of the Doomed, this hellish arena is filled with rich scenery that emphasizes the verticality of its setting. Wide lanes await the intrepid hunter, providing ample lines of sight to test your runnin’ and gunnin’ skills. The arena is available now in all Ranked and Unranked gameplay modes except Sacrifice
  • PLAYER RENAME TOKENS – Just the ticket for those looking to switch things up and re-brand themselves. Purchasable in the Quake Store, each Player Rename Token is good for one name change
  • ONGOING REFINEMENT – As ever, the development team are on the case with a fresh round of upgrades and performance optimization. Champion balancing, polish to the user interface, bug fixes and tweaks to weapon handling. Check out the game’s latest patch notes for a full breakdown of all the improvements

Quake Champions is available now in Early Access via and on Steam. For more information, please visit


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