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Summary: The Qi Wireless Charging Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker is indeed a smart device!


A smart clock!

As smartphones become more integrated into our lives, we rely less on other devices like digital alarm clocks. However with the Qi Wireless Charging Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker from Laser, this is more than just a traditional digital alarm clock as it successfully incorporates a variety of features into this product, particularly from a smartphone perspective. So whether it’s located in your bedroom, office or kitchen, you’ll soon find this system the go to place for your smartphone(s)… even playing your favourite music.

Best described as a multi-purpose alarm clock, this clever product from Laser offers Qi wireless charging (e.g. cable free charging), 3 USB charging ports, the ability to listen to music via tap-and-go NFC or Bluetooth plus a digital clock, two alarms, temperature display and FM/AM radio. So as you can see, the Laser Qi Wireless Charging Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker perfectly amalgamates a variety of technologies together in order to maximise your experience and more importantly, usefulness.

Although the Laser Qi Wireless Charging Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker looks like your traditional digital alarm clock that boasts a sturdy yet simplistic design, all the controls are well located and the display information is set out well. Also, the positioning of the USB ports work well as does the wireless charging on top of the device. Further to this, I like how all the ports are located at the back of this device, including the AUX port (3.5mm audio connection) as it keeps everything nice and simple. As mentioned, the product supports Qi wireless charging so if you have a new Apple or Samsung device, you simply place your smartphone on top and it automatically commences charging.

The ‘classic’ features of this multi-purpose alarm clock features the ability to set two consecutive alarm clocks which can either use the radio or the built-in buzzer. Given that we are so reliant on digital technology, it’s nice that this product gives you access to FM radio which is a refreshing change. To help with sleeping, the device even has three built-in audio tracks that last for 30 minutes and could best be described as lullabies which are quite soothing.

Setting up the Laser Qi Wireless Charging Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker is a relatively simple process and once you have powered the device, the next step is to pair it with your smartphone in order to establish a Bluetooth connection. Once the connection has been established, this will automatically play music from your phone to the multi-purpose alarm clock or you can use the NFC feature or use the 3.5mm input to connect an external audio device. The only additional setup is searching for your radio stations.

The audio quality of the product is far superior to standard digital alarm clocks and given the size, it does a well enough job with its audio levels. As the product uses Bluetooth, you can make and receive calls while your smartphone is charging. As there are two buttons on the top which act as a dial, these are the main controls on the device and after using it for a day or so, navigating the product becomes second nature. If Bluetooth is enabled on the product, the bottom of it will glow blue which can be a little bright at night.

Final Thoughts?

The Laser Qi Wireless Charging Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker is a true all-round product that is not only well designed but successfully incorporates stmart technology into a traditional digital alarm clock. Add in a simple yet stylish design, easy installation and well thought-out controls plus wireless charging, including the ability to listen to music and this multi-purpose alarm clock will definitely become your resting place for your smartphone. Lastly, the Laser Qi Wireless Charging Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker comes with a 12-month warranty from Laser with a recommended retail price of $129.95.

Check it out!


  • Qi Wireless ChargingSupports wireless charging on Qi compatible devices
  • Near Field Communication (NFC)Easily and wirelessly connect to any NFC compatible device
  • FM RadioListen to all your favourite FM radio stations
  • BluetoothPlay music from your smartphone, mobile devices and tablets
  • USB Charging Ports3 USB charging ports to charge your smart devices
  • Digital DisplayDisplays time, date, alarm and temperature on a clear digital display
  • 3.5mm AUX IN JackPlug in other audio devices
  • Dual Alarm SettingsSet two different alarm times
  • Built-In SpeakerSmooth sounding mid-range and high end


  • Connection Type(s): Bluetooth, Qi, USB, NFC, 3.5mm Audio Jack
  • Construction: Durable Plastic Polymer
  • Wireless: Bluetooth, Qi, NFC
  • Bluetooth V2.1 / 3.0 +EDR (Enhanced Data Rate): Yes
  • Bluetooth A2DP (CD stereo sound): Yes
  • Bluetooth HSP (Wireless music): Yes
  • Bluetooth HFP (Wireless chat): Yes
  • Bluetooth AVRCP (Control your device – iPod/phone/AV): Yes
  • Charging socket (DC / USB input): Yes
  • Compatibility: Bluetooth, Qi, USB, NFC, 3.5mm Audio Jack
  • Wireless Range (operating distance): Up to 10 meters (line of sight)
  • Weight(kg): 1.1
  • Product Dimensions (mm): 180 x 130 x 70
  • Warranty(month): 12

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