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Process LAB, a hands on workshop in electronic music production sampling techniques taking place on August 24 featuring Mike Callander

Are you an electronic music producer wanting to add new techniques to how you sample or gain insight into how Mike Callander works with samples? A musician with the basics of Ableton Live wanting to build kits and racks from your instrument samples with a range of techniques for transformation? Are you a sound designer wanting to treat your recordings in different ways?

Ableton Certified Trainer, electronic music producer and DJ Mike Callander will lead an evening exploring different sampling techniques. Mike will take participants from basic audio sampling through to total sample destruction and demonstrate how he incorporates samples into his creative process.

There will be extensive Q&A opportunities and time to share experiments at the end of the workshop.


Provided for each participant:

  • Headphones
  • Microphone & audio interface
  • MIDI keyboards


The workshop will be in four sections:

Part 1 Recording samples

Mike will demonstrate recording samples from an LP as well as live samples such as hand claps and provide insight into techniques around this kind of sampling practice and recording techniques.

Part 2 Cut & Paste

LP and live samples from Part 1 will be worked with using tempo markings, looping, warping, and other methods that play with the timbre, pitch and quality of the samples. See how Mike approaches this kind of sampling and create your own.

Part 3 Building Kits and Instruments

LP and live samples from Part 1 will continue to be worked with to create drum racks and custom instruments to be played with the keyboard. Participants own samples will be incorporated into this section.

Part 4 Total Destruction

An insight into how Mike ‘destroys’ samples with extreme techniques of warping, transposition, layering and re-sampling. Continue to transform the samples with all these methods with plenty of time for Q&A as well as the opportunity to share experiments made during the workshop.

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