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Published on July 4th, 2024 | by Andrew Paul

Prepare to get NERFED again… The new NERF N-Series and N1 Darts Review

Prepare to get NERFED again… The new NERF N-Series and N1 Darts Review Andrew Paul

Summary: Heart-pounding action just got a new arsenal with the new NERF N-Series and N1 Darts... prepare to be NERFED again!



The new NERF N-Series have arrived in Australia (Happy 4th of July) that will take your NERF battles to new heights courtesy of its improved accuracy, speed and distance. Although the previous range of NERFs are still a blast, the new NERF N-Series thanks to its revamped design including the N1 Darts are far superior when it comes to NERF combat. In other words, when the action heats up on your NERF battlefields, accuracy will now be your friend thanks to this new technology.

The new N-Series range includes The Infinite, Agility, Ward, Flex, Gear Up Pack and N1 dart packs. From September onward, there is also a new NERF called the Pinpoint coming out as well. Thanks to Hasbro, The Iconic and The Connect Agency, we were given a chance to check out three of these new NERFs.

This included The Infinite, Agility, Ward plus the N1 dart packs. Accuracy? Speed? Distance? Read on!

Like other NERFs, the new NERF N-Series is well packed and comes with everything you need to start your battles, whether that’s indoors or outdoors. This Australian release is also perfectly timed because the school holidays have just commenced so what better way to get the kids active, opposed to screen time. Even better, play with siblings, friends, extended family or the neighbours and NERF definitely caters for children of all ages… and I mean all ages.

First thoughts? OMG it is so much fun! My kids and I have a blaster playing with these NERFS around the house. While the Ward and Agility are a joy to use, you become a “tank” on the battlefield with the Infinite thanks to its pump action loading and ability to hold a whopping 40 darts which really makes you the NERF boss.

Second thoughts? The accuracy of the new NERF N-Series is unparalleled when it comes to NERFing your opponents, especially the range as well which increases the scope of your complaybat. Accuracy is another highlight thanks to the N1 darts which land on the intended targets well.

The N Series Agility was a favourite of ours as it holds 6 N1 Darts. Once loaded, you pull back the handle and then push the trigger. Definitely a NERF of choice for those players who want to move lightly.

The N Series Ward is a great backup NERF as it holds two N1 darts and when your main NERFs are out of darts, you simply pull the Ward out and hope you have the advantage.

Lastly and the most powerful NERF in this series is the Infinite which holds a whopping 40 N1 Darts. Once you individually load each dart into the cartridge, you load it into the Infinite and presto, frenemies beware. To fire, there is a pump action, followed by the trigger. The Infinite is not only fast but highly accurate, including the best range out of the new NERF Series.

Just be warned that you need to carefully load the N1 Darts into the cartridge because sometimes they can get jammed on the battlefield which means a misfire or a double shot. So if you’re desperately trying to load when the action starts, you might be in a little trouble… unless you have the Ward as a backup.

Final Thoughts?

Forget video gaming because the new NERF N-Series and N1 Darts provide the perfect panacea for real-world fun. NERF recommends that these toys are suitable for children 8+, including parents and grandparents who want to have a blast with the children in their lives. Lastly, the new NERFs are fast and quite accurate which really changes the ante of how you NERF. Fun times indeed!

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