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Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History Review

Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History Review James Wright

Summary: Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History is perfect in every way and successfully celebrates this amusing and thoroughly entertaining franchise from its concept, all the way up to its latest film.


Power Perfection!

What better way to acknowledge the 25th anniversary of Saban’s POWER RANGERS then with Insight Editions beautifully presented 256-page hardcover book entitled Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History. This amazing tome is a true celebration of all things Power Rangers and given the title, it collates some amazing imagery from one of the world’s most watched children’s TV shows!

Who would have thought that the 1993 TV series would become an institution that has spawned toys, comics and just recently, a 2017 blockbuster film, not to mention some wicked cosplay by fans. So while we learn how the Power Ranger’s came into existence in this book, we revisit every season and discover information on every hero and villain in this pop culture phenomenon plus its secrets which is what the Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History is all about… plus a whole lot more.

Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History is brought to life with its vibrant colours and high quality presentation

Amy Jo Johnston, the original Pink Power Ranger returns to Power Rangers in an interesting foreward

Apart from the high quality visuals in Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History which literally almost jumps out of the page courtesy of impressive paper stock, this book explores the entire history of the Power Range’s, courtesy of its informative text that accompanies the images and interviews from those involved in this franchise.

However what really stood out for me in this book was the concept art and it was great seeing these ‘ideas’ come to life and apart from just the TV series or the films, Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History showcases other medium such as the comics, video games and the toys that brought back fond memories. Complementing the presentation of this book are the fold-out pages which give the title an almost interactive element… not to mention a touch of mystery as to what’s hiding in them.

Classic to modern, Power Rangers: Ultimate Visual History is thoroughly informative with its text and may even given you a Degree in Power Rangers

From concept to creation, Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual history goes to infinity and beyond courtesy of its writers

The duo responsible for this book is veteran journalist Ramin Zahed and writer Jody Revenson who really draw you into the book and their knowledge on all things Morphin Power Rangers is quite impressive. Given that I consider myself a fan of this great franchise, I was surprised at all the things I didn’t know about the Power Rangers, especially the interesting fun-facts about what happened behind the scenes. Then you have the time I became a teenager when I lost my way with the Power Rangers and this book helped bring me to speed.

Adding to the celebration is a foreword from the original Pink Power Ranger actress Amy Jo Johnson (YAY!) who gives the reader a nice summary about her experience of playing this iconic character and does lend some cred to the book. There’s also quotes from cast and crew, including the creative people from behind the scenes which helps flesh out the history of the Power Rangers.

The Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History touches upon every incarnation of the team

Adding to the presentation is your own personal backstage pass with many candid photos from the franchise

Final Thoughts?

Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History is magnificent book from Insight Editions that is a true celebration of all things Power Rangers. Having grown up watching the original Power Rangers, this book provided a great walk down memory lane as I reminisced from my childhood courtesy of the amazing images that grace this almost ‘biblical’ book. It was also interesting seeing the development of the franchise from its early concept designs to what they became on the  series and how they have evolved into the latest film… fascinating!

All in all, a must have book for fans Saban’s POWER RANGERS!

Beyond its years, Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History challenged the genre at the time and also celebrated its family spirit

Product information
Publisher: Insight Editions
Publication date: November 6, 2018
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 9.2 x 1.4 x 11 inches
Shipping Weight: 5 pounds
Book length: 256
ISBN-10: 1683830229
ISBN-13: 978-1683830221
Best Sellers Rank: 5603

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