Published on June 15th, 2023 | by Andrew Paul

Poo Face Book Review

Poo Face Book Review Andrew Paul

Summary: Poo Face is a laugh a minute read!



Poo Face (our kids love this title) is by Andrew Daddo and Johnathan Bentey who create a hilarious book about … well, the thing that all of us do every day! Poo Face is also from the perspective of the young boy who proudly states that everyone, including animals do poos and we all have a poo facen, including his dog and cat. 

He even wonders if his dad has a poo face but he loves his private time to read, so he will never know! Lions, Elephants, Kangaroos and even cute Koalas all have poo faces that is spectacularly brought to life by the amazing art of Bentley with way too many laughs from our twin girls.

Final Thoughts?

All in all, Poo Face is a hilarious read about something normal that is often not talked about in children’s book. So kudos to Andrew Daddo and Johnathan Bentley!


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