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Today, Ubisoft announced the launch of Year 5, Season 3 for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. Season 3: Vanguard takes Division Agents back to the streets of New York to investigate the disappearance of Agent Kelso. In addition to the new season, players will experience the comprehensive health updates done as the result of Project Resolve.

Division Agents’ Harsh Reality– After Division Agents brought stability back into the White House, Agent Kelso returned to New York to ensure the Haven settlement was also secure. But while Agents were rescuing the civilians abducted by the Black Tusk, Kelso had gone missing. Meanwhile, The Division now face the harsh reality that Hunters are among them, raising doubt and suspicion in both the White House and Castle settlements. Agents must now find Kelso, but as they retrace her steps, more truths will be uncovered, reopening some old wounds.


Project Resolve – Starting today, all players will experience the changes made as a result of Project Resolve, a series of health updates for The Division 2, with feedback from the community.

These changes include:

  • Improved quality: Nearly 2,000 bugs have been fixed – from incorrect world collisions to game breaking gameplay issues. The changes should result in a noticeably increased overall quality.
  • Improved stability and connectivity: Numerous issues that have led to instability, latency, crashes and disconnects are now fixed.
  • Improved performance: Optimizations have been made, resulting in better performances overall for players.
  • PVP combat: Balancing in PVP combat has been improved, removing some of the outlying behaviours and implementing new mechanics to allow for more interesting fights in Conflict and in the Dark Zone.
  • Tinkering screen: Features of Recalibration and Optimization have been combined into one menu called Tinkering. From there, players can tweak the stats of their items on the go without need to go back to a Recalibration Station.
    • Items balancing: A complete balancing pass on all weapons in the game has been done, aiming to bring previously underperforming weapons up to the same level of power as the most popular ones. The two- and three-piece bonuses of most Brand Sets have also been rebalanced.
  • Exotic weapons: Players can now recalibrate the third attribute of every Exotic Weapon (new and existing), allowing for more flexibility, new build options and playstyles.
  • Open World Loot Quality: The quality of loot obtained in all open world chests will now scale with the difficulty settings selected by the player. This should result in overall better-quality loot when roaming the open world.
  • Global Events: Five of the 6 existing Global Events have been adjusted to make them more fun and less punishing. Players will notice a significant boost when using the Global Event modifier correctly and feel less of an impact when used incorrectly.
  • Projects: The rewards of daily and weekly projects have increased, with the aim to make them more prevalent in the day-to-day activities for players.

The team will stay committed to working on improving the game beyond Year 5 and into Year 6

Premium Offering in Season 3: Vanguard – The evolution of The Division 2 also continues in its premium offerings.

The Season Pass includes:

  • Free track items:

o   1 new Brand Set

o   1 new Gear Set

o   1 new Exotic Gloves

o   1 new Exotic Pistol

o   2 new Named gear pieces

o   2 new Named weapons

o   3 new arm patches

  • Premium track items:

o   9 weapon skins

o   10 gear dyes

o   2 new emotes

o   2 vanity outfits

o   1 face mask

  • Two Apparel Events

o   VEILED TACTICS will offer fresh new military tactical attire for players, including the introduction of Ghillie Suits to The Division 2.

o   LAST RESORT returns from Year 2 Season 3 ‘Concealed Agenda’, offering Agents another opportunity to gather gear and outfits based on the enemy factions of NYC.

  • In addition, new unique cosmetic bundles will be regularly added to the store … and this time players will be able to obtain the looks of Keener’s squad of rogue agents from Warlords or New York. Each one will be made available as a unique outfit: Dragov, Conley, Kajika, Parnell, and rogue number one – Aaron Keener himself.


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