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PlayStation Plus Platinum Hunters GT Sport Trophy Available Now!

Following the launch of GT Sport yesterday, It’s time to buckle up and rev your engines; The Gran Turismo Sport Platinum Hunters Trophy is also up for grabs! PlayStation Plus Platinum Hunters is a call to arms for all Australian digital treasure hunters, a competition for gaming connoisseurs to play, compete and be rewarded for their hours of effort to unlock every in-game trophy.

PlayStation has brought the ultimate virtual accolade to life, with only four bespoke Platinum Trophies crafted – to be coveted by the most dedicated trophy hunters in the game. These limited-edition replicas will crown four passionate players as the nation’s best completionists.

For more information on the competition’s T&Cs please visit here.

Gran Turismo Sport is available now from the PlayStation Store and select retailers starting from $79.95 AUD, available exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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