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Published on April 19th, 2024 | by Andrew Paul

PJ Masks Power Heroes Mighty Alliance Review

PJ Masks Power Heroes Mighty Alliance Review Andrew Paul

Summary: PJ Masks Power Heroes Mighty Alliance targets the younger game and fan well!


Targets well

The popular kids series arrives in the gaming world again with PJ Masks Power Heroes Mighty Alliance, a platformer developed by Petoons Studio that is aimed at the younger gamer. For the uninitiated, PJ Masks revolves around three six year olds (Connor – Catboy, Amaya – Owlette and Greg – Gecco) who are able to become superheroes at night when then channel their spirit animals. But does it transition to the game?  Thankfully it does as the developers successfully pay homage to the original TV series as gamers get to control all the major heroes in this franchise.

The story behind PJ Masks Power Heroes Mighty Alliance is that the team must recover the pieces of the PJ Power Q that have been scattered across the planet when an experiment goes wrong. However while this may seem simple enough, villains Luna Girl, Night Ninja and Romeo want this power for their own nefarious deeds. Cue in Catboy, Owelette, Gekko, Newton Star, An Yu, Ice Cub, Bastet and Lilyfay (all playable) as they travel around the world to collect the pieces of the PJ Power Q before it falls into the wrong hands.

At its core, PJ Masks Power Heroes Mighty Alliance  is a platformer that goes back to a simpler era as you jump, double jump and teleport your way through the various stages as you collect gems and defeat your enemies, including some fun boss battles. However it’s not all about platforming as there are “endless runner” areas where you drive the various vehicles from PJ Masks in order to collect gems and avoid the obstacles which helps spice things up. The flying areas also help spice the gameplay up opposed to just the platforming.


Combat is simplistic yet achievable as are the larger than life boss battles and with that said, the gameplay defintely mirrors the TV series and our 6-year old gamer successfully completed it with a little help from her gamer dad. If you want to delve in deeper into PJ Masks Power Heroes Mighty Alliance, there are some secrets to discover along the way but generally younger gamers want to smash it out and the gameplay allows for this.

Graphically, the title mirrors the TV show, including all its characters that aesthetically looks like a 2.5D version. Level design, although nothing extravagant works well with the smooth graphics and gameplay. Audio is probably the highlight with an emphasis on the music and voice acting that go hand in hand with the graphics and gameplay. All in all a well-presented kids game!

Final Thoughts?

The Developers definitely succeed at creating a fun game for younger gamers, especially if they are fans of PJ Masks because everything is there. Additionally the control mechanics are well mapped on the Xbox Series controller that immediately had our younger player picking up the controller and start playing. In the end, PJ Masks Power Heroes Mighty Alliance is a sturdy platformer with a few different gaming genres thrown into the 2D platformer mix that offers gameplay targetted for kids, unlike some crash grabs out there.




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