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Published on December 21st, 2023 | by Chris O'Connor

Pinball M PC Review

Pinball M PC Review Chris O'Connor

Summary: Zen Pinball takes us away from the bright lights of the standard pinball venue and sends us to the dark basement to play the grizzly horror themed tables of our nightmares.


Pinball Perils

Zen Pinball are back but not quite as we are used to… this time we are venturing into the dark dank basement to play a collection of Horror pinball tables.

I was honestly not aware this was Zen until I started it… but very happy to find they were behind it as their track record (for me at least) is impressive. Those who have played other Zen titles will find some familiar elements here, such as the table competitions and challenges… but the setting is certainly different and the tables, despite the bright lights, are dark!

The base game is free but the tables are able to be purchased either individually or you can grab them all. So far the tables are:

Duke Nukem’s Big Shot:

I’m not entirely sure why this one was chosen as I don’t know it quite counts as horror… I guess once the series left the side scroller world it did kind of mix horror and scifi. Either way we get that classic Duke dialogue accompanying us as we try to take out the alien invaders.

Dead By Daylight:

This one has an interesting little twist… you can choose who you play as before you start the game. It’s a nice little touch and ties nicely with the game it is inspired by. Hunter or hunted… it’s your choice… but can you succeed at the task at hand?

The Thing:

Arguably my favourite of them all for the collection of lines from the movie (it also features a video sequence to start the table). I did find this table was a little harder to keep the balls on the table, I don’t know whether the lower flippers were spaced a little further apart than on other tables… or, the more likely, I just suck at it. Either way it’s fun to play the table and relive some of those classic movie moments.

Chucky’s Killer Pinball:

Possibly the creepiest of them all, Chucky’s Killer Pinball is just as you would want and expect it to be. Again there are some little video segments as you start the game… but the focus is really on the table here because that freaky possessed little doll is going to taunt you every chance he gets.

But even if you are just wanting to get a feel for what Pinball M is all about… the base game includes a pretty cool table in it’s own right. I mean I couldn’t be more pleased seeing as it’s a H.P. Lovecraft inspired table.

Wrath of the Elder Gods:

As I said… I’m thrilled this is the base table. I’m a big fan of Lovecraft’s work and this table has some lovely elements from his stories. As with all the tables though… it’s not just the table itself that has been given the thematic treatment… it’s the room the table is in too. This one has some lovely architecture that makes you feel like you’ve been transported back to the era the stories are set in.

Ultimately, if you’ve enjoyed Zen pinball games in the past but wished you could indulge in your darker table fantasies… then Pinball M is what you have been after. Fantastic tables, beautifully presented with some real attention to detail. I’m curious what other tables might join the ranks in the future… there are certainly plenty of titles that I’d be keen to see… Nightmare on Elm Street being top of the list, but a Halloween table with that iconic music would be cool too.

Grab a copy of the base game to get a feel for it then see which tables you might like… or add them all and don’t forget to keep a light on while you play!

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