Published on September 10th, 2019 | by James Wright

Peppa Pig Australia Fun Book Review

Peppa Pig Australia Fun Book Review James Wright

Summary: Peppa Pig Australia Fun is a book that is well...filled with fun in this sensory experience!


Sensory reading!

This colourful hardcover book from Penguin is aimed at the younger reader that is also a sensory experience for them in this touch-and-feel-playbook. While the book is quite short, it boasts different textures inside to help engage toddlers while their parents or care givers read it to them.

The story behind Peppa Pig Australia Fun is about Peppa visiting this wonderful country again with her family and meeting up with the Kangaroo family again. While in Australia, Peppa and her Aussie friend Kylie Kangaroo are involved in all sorts of fun activities from surfing to finding cuddly teddy bears in trees (aka koalas).

All in all, Peppa Pig Australia Fun is expressively written with vibrant colours and fun textures (e.g. fluffy, bumpy) and illustrations taken directly from the TV series that is a fun read, especially when you get into characters.

Check it out!

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