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Published on April 28th, 2016 | by admin

PC gaming is better than console gaming

The gaming debate is over – PC wins

SYDNEY, 28 April 2016 – According to Crucial, admittedly one of the world’s largest manufacturers of gaming components, there is no debate – PC gaming absolutely crushes console gaming. If you’re looking for an extreme gaming experience that can’t be mass-produced, go with the PC.

Micron Consumer Products Group Marketing Manager APAC Mathew Luu explained the company’s conclusions and how they came to them saying, “Every gamer is faced with a choice: PC, console, or both. We know we’re a bit biased, but to us, there is no debate. PC gaming absolutely crushes console gaming. If you want to have fun from time to time, go with the console – there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you’re looking for an extreme gaming experience that can’t be mass-produced, go with the PC.”

The way Crucial sees it the usual console “advantages” are actually disadvantages as consoles are simple and designed for recreational gamers, but that’s no secret to serious gamers.   Luu continued, “It’s true that consoles are simple and easy to use, but what’s more fun to drive, a commuter car or a sports car? Commuter cars are basic, but sports cars have more power – that’s the difference between consoles and PCs. Then there’s the fact that you don’t have to upgrade the hardware on a console but this means the game is restrained by slower console requirements.

Consoles bring gaming to the masses and there are many console gamers, they can’t truly compete with the diehard PC gaming community.”   The Crucial research team also observed that while consoles promote a “better multiplayer” experience gamers were, in fact, constrained to the speed of the console manufacturer’s servers, and, with newer consoles, typically they have to pay additional subscription fees.

As far as console-exclusive titles are concerned most games are also available on a PC, but some of the best PC games aren’t playable on consoles because they aren’t powerful enough. Also when console manufacturers claim they cost less than a high-powered PC Crucial counter by proving you can build a gaming PC that outperforms a console for less than the cost of a new next-gen console.

Crucial DRAM Senior Product Marketing Manager Jeremy Mortenson said, “The great thing about PC gaming is you can build your own system, customise it to your liking and upgrade it as killer new technology is released. With so many options for components and accessories, PC gamers have so much variety to choose from. You can really design and build your rig to suit your style and your needs.”   One of Crucial’s key arguments is that PCs are designed for gaming enthusiasts who don’t want to be bound by performance limitations and that PC hardware has a much higher performance ceiling.

Consoles are limited to the specs the manufacturer determines and have very few options for upgrading. With a PC, you can build your system to be as powerful as you want by choosing the motherboard, processor, memory, storage, and graphics card. While some may say it’s too expensive to be a PC gamer, you’re in control of how much money you spend and what kind of rig you build. You’re also building a powerful system that you can use for far more than just gaming.

Mortenson added, “PC gamers have massive game libraries and the ability to play just about everything from old DOS classics to new cutting-edge games. Along with user-created content and mods, PC gamers have a nearly endless amount of content to take advantage of and enjoy.”   For PC gamers stunning graphics make dominating the competition even better. PC graphics can achieve 4K quality, while most current consoles can only reach 1080p. Consoles are also limited to only one TV, while PCs can be strategically played on multiple screens so you can track the movement of your enemies on one monitor while you stealthily take them down on another.

Finally in what can be seen as a self serving plug and in case it had escaped you attention Crucial like to point out that while you’re building or modding your rig you can make the differences between PC and console gaming even more pronounced with a Crucial® SSD and Ballistix® gaming memory. This means you can boot up and jump into the game instantly with an SSD and get near-instant responsiveness, better integrated graphics performance, and militaristic aggression with memory that’s engineered for hardcore performance.

Jeremy Mortenson concluded, “There are few limitations when it comes to the performance of your PC gaming rig, which is so much different than consoles. Being able to upgrade your components is a major advantage. The PC upgrade cadence is much more frequent – you can take advantage of new hardware when it comes out or when your budget permits it.”

For more on Crucial® SSD and Ballistix® gaming memory go to: www.crucial.com

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