Published on November 9th, 2023 | by Tony Smith

Parcel for Turtle Book Review

Parcel for Turtle Book Review Tony Smith

Summary: Parcel for Turtle is a super delightful book!



It’s Turtle and friends vs the pesky pelicans in this fun guessing game book by Shelley Knoll-Miller.

The premise behind this book is that the pelicans won’t leave Turtle alone, however when a parcel arrives, it might be his perfect getaway.

Welcome to Parcel for Turtle that will draw children in of all ages from its delightful premise.

Further, Parcel for Turtle is not only well written but beautifully illustrated as everyone is trying to figure out what’s inside the parcel from snails to craps and even an octopus.

The book ends with a very unexpected surprise for Turtle that makes everyone (except the Pelicans) happy.

All in all a super fun read for the entire family!

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