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Paladins Announcements

Paladins Battlegrounds Announcement

One of the biggest reveals to come out of HRX 2018 was the announcement of Paladins Battlegrounds. This new game mode will be the first ever hero shooter battle royale, and players can get their hands on it in Q1 2018.

Twitch Prime King and Primal Prowler

Twitch Prime members can now unlock the new Twitch Prime Bomb King and Primal Prowler mount for free. Head over to our website and link your accounts here to unlock Twitch Prime King and the first ever battle cat mount!

Paladins Cinematic Video

The Champions go to war in a gorgeous new cinematic trailer.

Paladins Lore Video

The much anticipated backstory to the world of Paladins is revealed.

New Champion Revealed

The newest Champion to join the realm is a loveable character named Moji. Moji was officially released in yesterday’s “Paladins and Friends” update.

New Team Deathmatch Mode

Players can now try their hand at the brand new Team Deathmatch mode set in the Trade District of Stone Keep.

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