Published on March 22nd, 2017 | by admin

Overwatch’s New Tank Hero, Orisa, is Available Now!

Overwatch’s sixth tank, Orisa, has joined the character roster, and is available to play now! Specially outfitted for maximum fortification, the OR15A, fondly known as Orisa, is a four-legged robot developed to keep the peace in Numbani.

Orisa’s main weapon is her Fusion Driver, an automatic, rapid-fire chain gun with good range and accuracy, even at distance; however be mindful that Orisa’s movement slows down whenever she fires. Her Fortify ability boosts her personal defence, reducing damage taken and allowing her to become unstoppable for a short time. Halt launches a graviton sphere across the map, slowing nearby enemies as it passes, and pulling them toward it when it detonates. Protective Barrier places a device that creates a curved, stationary barricade, perfect for deflecting projectiles and shielding teammates from the front, sides, and above.  Lastly, Orisa’s ultimate ability, Supercharger, deploys a high-powered cylinder that beams a buff to allies within its range, increasing the damage they can inflict on the opposing team.

Orisa’s gameplay is engineered around protection, making her a perfect pick to support your team on the battlefield!

To learn more about Orisa, please visit the Overwatch website or the PlayOverwatch YouTube channel.

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