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Overcooked 2 Review

Overcooked 2 Review Lyla Saudi

Summary: The fun, chaotic, rewarding and must do couch co-op experience for gamers and non-gamers alike.


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As a fan of the original ‘Overcooked’, which was released on the Nintendo Switch to the acclaim of both gamers and non-gamers alike in 2017, like many others I was excited about the release of ‘Overcooked 2’ earlier this month. And just as the first was, the sequel is a must-have addition to any Nintendo Switch owners catalogue.

The premise of the game is deliberately simple (and silly) to ensure that anyone can join in at any time. This is a multi-player experience about you and your friends (or your new online friends) working together in a variety of arcade styled kitchens to get your orders out in time. Simple, right? Well, when you add in the fantastically varied levels, dishes, layouts, time pressures, and the need to work as a team it is anything but simple. Moving platforms, ingredient tubs, walkways and benches, random fires, roving customers and teleportation are just some of the craziness and variability that the exciting level design has in store for you.

While ‘Overcooked 2’ maintains the same successful formula of the first game, the simple nature of the gameplay means that you don’t need to have played the first to pick up this title. It also means that any friend who comes by can pick-up, play, laugh, scream and have a great time straight away. And it is the co-operative nature of the game which is the focal point, highlight, and quality which makes this a gaming experience worthwhile. One of you needs to cook while the other chops, or get the rice ready while the sauce is simmering, but don’t forget the dirty dishes because those orders won’t walk themselves to the pass!

The graphics are fun and colourful, and the cartoon style really suits the light hearted and collegial nature of the game. The backgrounds, kitchens and characters have had a noticeable lift in detail from the original, and every item is detailed, coloured and oversize enough to ensure you can focus on what matters… the gameplay.

The audio is limited. There are just some backing tracks which barely rate a mention over the communication (yelling and screaming) between you and your fellow chefs. The game also avoids voice acting with communication in cut scenes taking place in speech boxes. This is a little disappointing to be honest, but the humour within the conversations do make up for it a little bit. But having said that, this game is not about the audio or the graphics, it is all about the gameplay. Which it gets 100% right.

Final Thoughts?

The kitchen chaos of ’Overcooked 2’ is a must do experience for any Nintendo Switch owner (and their friends). There are some nice upgrades from the original and the gameplay, varied kitchen design and change from level to level make it a truly fun and engaging experience. The difficulty is ever present, and there are some really rewarding experiences when you finally earn that 3rd star on some of the later levels. This game is best played on the couch with friends and it should be a part of everyones Nintendo Switch owners catalogue.

Game Details

Title: Overcooked 2

Publisher: Team 17 Digital Ltd

Developer: Ghost Town Games

Genre: Strategy/Party/Communication

Release Date: August, 2018

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