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OSVR Launches HDK 2


The OSVR, SteamVR and WebVR compatible headset will now be available to developers and enthusiasts in 10 additional countries to power innovation.

Oct 4 2016, Melbourne AU – Organizers of Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR), the largest open source virtual reality consortium in the world, today made the latest Hacker Development Kit, the HDK 2 available in 13 countries within the Asia Pacific. The HDK 2 features an upgraded display for a visual experience on par with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

The HDK 2 is equipped with custom designed SLR grade lenses for clearer more vibrant images and a 90hz low-persistence OLED, RGB dual-display with a total resolution of 2160×1200 (1080p per eye). It also includes unique IQE (Image Quality Enhancer) technology for a reduced screen door effect. Capable of displaying VR experiences at 90 frames-per-second, the visual experience on the HDK 2 is comparable to the best virtual reality headsets available now.

Open Source Technology:
The HDK 2 was engineered to be an open source solution in the VR market today allowing developers and enthusiasts the freedom to innovate around virtual reality without restrictions. Powered by OSVR, an open source software platform content developers will be able to support a multitude of emerging devices in the VR industry across different brands through a single integration, effectively increasing their user base with minimal effort.
It is also modular allowing for 3rd party customisation.

Powered by the OSVR software platform the HDK 2 will be able to play native OSVR experiences as well as SteamVR content (VR content developed for the HTC Vive).
In addition to this it also supports WebVR and other 360 video and media playing technologies.
Full list of experiences here: http://www.osvr.org/featured.html
Setup & Installation:
A beta version of the HDK Windows Installer is available to make set up of the HDK 2 easier.
Download it now: http://www.osvr.org/getting-started.html

“The HDK 2 is engineered to deliver a visual experience on par with the industry’s best while keeping it at a more affordable cost point in order to bring VR technology to more people.” Says Christopher Mitchell, OSVR Lead, Razer. “It will now also give developers and enthusiasts within the Asia Pacific the freedom to innovate and support a myriad of VR technologies across the world”

List of countries the HDK 2 is now available in:
⦁ Australia
⦁ New Zealand
⦁ Philippines
⦁ Japan
⦁ Thailand
⦁ Taiwan
⦁ Malaysia
⦁ Singapore
⦁ South Korea
⦁ Hong Kong

The HDK 2 is now selling on Razerstore (www.razerstore.com) and will come with 2 free games, Descent: Underground & Radial G : Racing Revolved while stock lasts.
• Descent: Underground:
• Radial G: Racing Revolved:

What is OSVR?
OSVR is an open source software platform that drives innovation and diversity by allowing different brands of VR hardware to connect with each other. Giving hardware developers the ability to have their hardware interface with other devices in the VR industry and also allowing them to freely innovate and produce the best products possible without fear of control and licensing fees.

It shares content to help drive hardware sales
In addition to this, all content supported on the ecosystem; including native OSVR experiences and SteamVR experiences (HTC Vive content) will run on their hardware, giving them a chance to enter the market with an already available base of content to drive sales of their hardware.

Further driving this content effort is also a recently announced 5 million dollar content fund sponsored by Razer, incentivising content developers out there to support OSVR in order to make content available to all OSVR supported hardware in order to combat exclusivity and ensure the VR industry grows as a whole.

It supports the latest technologies
As the software platform also supports the latest engines (Cryengine, Unreal, Unity) and performance enhancing technologies such as Nvidia’s direct mode, hardware developers will also be able to take advantage of them ensuring their hardware performs optimally.

It is for consumer choice
The platform’s objective is to ultimately bring choice to the consumer market, allowing everyone to mix and match their VR hardware purchases based on preferences in price and functionality. “Imagine being able to walk down an isle of VR products in your favourite electronics retailer and being able to pick off any combination of hardware you’d like to use without worrying about compatibility.” Says Michael Lee, VP of Software, Razer. “It will be like building your own PC, except this time using cutting edge next generation technology that will immerse you digital experiences like never before.”

Try the HDK 2!
Experience OSVR at PAX Australia – November 4th to 6th

⦁ Australia: $649.95
⦁ New Zealand: $699.95

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