Published on September 20th, 2023 | by Adrian Gunning

Oni Press Invites You to Choose Your Own Adventure with Acclaimed Writer Stephanie Phillips and Artist Dani Bolinho

Next spring, Oni Press, the multiple Eisner and Harvey Award-winning comic book and graphic novel publisher, is publishing Choose Your Own Adventure: Forecast From Stonehenge from acclaimed writer Stephanie Phillips (Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman: Evolution) and artist Dani Bolinho (Choose Your Own Adventure: Journey Under the Sea), an interactive adventure graphic novel where YOU decide what happens next. With 16 possible endings in total, this vibrant and non-violent adaptation will take readers on their own visual adventure as a detective exploring London’s underground to uncover the secrets of the famous prehistoric monument, Stonehenge.

In this Choose Your Own Adventure® graphic novel, adapted from the classic ChooseCo book, you’ll be visiting the infamous and enigmatic Stonehenge as a young traveler. While attending a solstice event held by a nameless group of druids in disguise, you’ll meet numerous characters like the excitable wizard Alistair, the deadly fairy Elaine and her horde, and even a woodland nymph Liandra. At the center are the secrets of Stonehenge and a magical scythe that’s fallen into your hands. Who you meet, and whether they’re friends or foes will be up to you as you choose where the story takes you! Part explorer, part detective, you’ll explore London’s underground in search of answers to uncover the secrets of the famous Stonehenge.

“I was excited to help bring a choose your own adventure story to comics and expand the audience of readers who get to experience this fun and unique format,” said writer Stephanie Phillips. “As a kid, I loved CYOA stories because they allowed me to take an active role in the story being told, and thanks to Dani Bolinho’s art I think readers will absolutely feel like they are being pulled into the world of Forecast from Stonehenge.”

“I fell in love with the Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid and it’s thrilling to see those original stories adapted for graphic novels readers,” said Oni Press Editor-in-Chief Sierra Hahn. “All the fun, mystery, and intrigue are delightfully captured in Stephanie and Dani’s revisiting of Forecast From Stonehenge.”

This is the third officially licensed Choose Your Own Adventure graphic novel and is based on the previously published Forecast from Stonehenge prose book from ChooseCo. Choose Your Own Adventure: Forecast From Stonehenge will be available at retailers everywhere on April 30, 2024.

About the creators

Stephanie Phillips is an American writer known for comics and graphic novels such as GRIM, Harley Quinn, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, Sensational Wonder Woman, and The Butcher of Paris. Her stories and comics have appeared with DC Comics, BOOM! Studios, AfterShock Comics, Dark Horse, Oni Press, Top Cow/Image Comics, Heavy Metal, and more. Stephanie also holds a PhD in English.

Dani Bolinho is the writer and draftsman for Lobo Mau, Underground, and Desaventureiros. He is an award-winner in Japan at the Silent Manga Audition for the story “Tattoo” in 2018 and co-founder of the studio IndieVisivel Press.

About the Author'

Adrian lives in Melbourne Australia and has a huge passion for gaming, technology and pop culture. He recently finished his a Bachelor of Journalism and is currently focusing on games journalism. When not writing and playing video games, Adrian can be found in Comics 'R' Us debating the pros of the DC Universe and cons of the Marvel Universe.

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