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BEASTS OF THE BLACK HAND, a 64-page hardcover graphic novel, created by sculptor Paul Harding, written by Ron Marz, drawn by Matthew Dow Smith, and colored by Neeraj Menon, will debut through Ominous Press in early 2018. The horror/adventure story is set at the close of the First World War with diesel-punk technology, the assassination of Rasputin, and a secret cabal called the Black Hand seeking to unleash otherworldly horrors on Europe. The book is being supported by a Kickstarter campaign intended to bring the project to fruition.

As the Black Hand plots to unleash supernatural horrors on Europe, Oswald Rayner must stop their insidious plot. Standing in Rayner’sway is Rasputin’s daughter, Maria Rasputin, an agent for the Black Hand. Joined by his aide Biffy Dunderdale and American war hero Henry Johnson, Rayner boldly faces Maria Rasputin – a confrontation that leads to shocking revelations and deadly consequences. If Rayner fails, the Beasts will be unleashed.

Available to backers through the Kickstarter campaign, BEASTS OF THE BLACK HAND boasts a talented creative team. The creator, Paul Harding, is a sculptor whose work has premiered through DC Collectibles, Gentle Giant, Sideshow, and more. Joining Harding is legendary writer Ron Marz, who has worked for every major publisher with acclaimed runs on SILVER SURFER, GREEN LANTERN, WITCHBLADE, and others. Matthew Dow Smith, known for both his art and writing, has artist credits ranging from BATMAN and WONDER WOMAN to DOCTOR WHO and X-FILES. Finally, Neeraj Menon lends his talents as a colorist. Menon’s work has appeared with major companies, such as Image, Dynamite, IDW, Disney India, and others. BEASTS OF THE BLACK HAND is being published through OMINOUS PRESS and their CEO and publisher, Sean HusVar.



Complete details can be found at: WWW.BEASTSOFTHEBLACKHAND.COM

A wide array of rewards are available for this campaign, which runs through Nov. 30. Backer levels range from digital copies of the book, to exclusive dust jacket variant covers from a host of acclaimed artists including Mike McKone and Eric Powell, to limited-edition sculptures by Paul Harding.
With help of supporters, this project will be ready for delivery in early 2018.

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