Published on September 15th, 2023 | by Adrian Gunning

No Silly Questions (The Daily Aus) Book Review

No Silly Questions (The Daily Aus) Book Review Adrian Gunning

Summary: The No Silly Questions (The Daily Aus) is filled with easy to understand answers to the questions we all have.



No Silly Questions The Daily Aus explains how the world works Book Review: From Zara Seidler and Sam Koslowski (aka the creators of The Daily Aus) comes “No Silly Questions” who help simplify some of the challenging concepts of modern society that quite simply are utterly confusing.

Consider it a guide to understanding the complexities of Australian and Western society such as how the voting system works in this country, what is cryptocurrency and what on Earth does net zero mean? Best of all, the writers explain all the concepts in this book in true Laymen terms and all that jargon is thrown out the TV window that many presenters use. Imagine a 200-page explanation condensed into a few paragraphs that will leave you going “uh-huh”, I get that.

The book is also broken into topics that include Political, The Economy, Our Climate, Society and Culture, Science and Technology with the last theme being The World Around Us. Additionally there is a conclusion and some final notes that neatly puts these topics together in concise digestible segments. For example… Why Care About Economic Growth? The writers put this in perspective of small village that one year has more cows and chickens which leads to more milk and eggs. What happens?

  1. Fewer villagers go hungry because there’s more milk and eggs
  2. More villagers are employed because more workers are needed to tend to the extra animals, and these workers make more money
  3. The village government might collect more tax from these village workers and so it has more to pay for healthcare and education.

So as you can see, there is a link between economic growth and non-economic measures such as well-being and life expectancy.

What about Debt? According to the authors debt is not always a dirty word because it depends on what the government is spending their non-money on. For example if they use this money to improve the economy or putting more people through university or building affordable housing, it helps considerably. Like the village, it allows the government to collect more money via tax that again can repay the debt and help grow the economy.

There is even a section on COVID-19 that goes from outbreak to epidemic, then to pandemic and finally endemic which nicely puts perspective on this deadly illness. It even goes off-world to the planets and the amazing James Webb Space Telescope which are just some of the topics showcased in this amazing book.

Final Thoughts?

No Silly Questions: The Daily Aus explains how the world works and is a must have book for those too afraid to ask the questions on the answers we all want to know. It’s well presented, written and gets straight to the point.


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