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Nichameleon Interview … kicking butt at Cosplay!

Impulse Gamer recently caught up with Australia’s very own Nichameleon and discussed her passion for Cosplay and what makes her tick.

Welcome to Impulse Gamer Nichameleon! So tell us, who are some of the cosplayers from around the world that you look up to?

There are so many amazing cosplayers from all around the world who are unique and incredibly talented. I look up to Starbit Cosplay who is from Norway and is absolutely wonderful and extremely talented! Other inspirational international cosplayers are Kinpatsu Cosplay, who does quite a range of LOL cosplays, and Traci Hines: the real Little Mermaid!

Tinkerbell: ALT teevee

What’s been your favourite convention to date?

My favourite Convention?! That’s a tough one! I feel like every con brings new possibilities and people and I love them all! I did travel down to Sydney Supanova last year and absolutely loved it because it was like a cosplay holiday! I met some amazing people and made some great friendships there too.

Hipster Ariel: James Niland Photography

Costumes… what are some of the inspirations behind picking your next cosplay?

I don’t really have a system to choosing my next cosplay, I have a lot of characters that I relate to and love from movies, anime and games which usually inspire me to create their costumes. I also like to keep up to date with the latest movies and when I fall in love with the character, I find that I have to cosplay them!

Jinx: Volk Photography

Tell us a little about your very cool Jinx costume?

I love my Jinx cosplay! She is such an awesome character to be! It’s fun playing with her facial expressions and being a loose cannon! The wig was difficult to make and it was the first time wearing contacts so that was pretty scary, but all the hard work and tears paid off and I had a blast as her!

Elphaba: Senergy Photography

What’s been your favourite costume so far?

That’s a tough question! They are like my children; I love them all equally! But if I had to choose one, I would have to say my Katniss. That’s where my cosplay started to get serious and become more than just a hobby for me. The Hunger Games movies are such an amazing franchise; I fell in love with the books, the movies and Katniss herself. I also love the fact that the actor that plays Katniss, Jennifer Lawrence, is such a down to earth hilarious person, so between her and Katniss, (and my face) I relate a lot!

nichameleon11Mockingjay Katniss: What a Big Camera

Going back to your first costume and when you first looked in the mirror… what did you think?

My first ever costume was a gender bent Luffy from One Piece! I looked in the mirror and thought I looked totally badass, but also a little bit silly! I was really excited to show off all the work I had put into the costume and was proud of my efforts!

Zubat: Cosplay Australia

Can you walk us through your costume creation?

I procrastinate… a lot. I love fabric shopping when I don’t even know how much I need so I just roll around in all this fabric pretending that I have enough time to make the costumes before the convention! I don’t really have a set plan when I start a costume, I just go… generally because it’s only a couple days or weeks before a con!

Lara Croft: Cosplay Australia

If you had an unlimited budget, what cosplay would you do and why?

I’m not sure!!! All of Katniss’s outfits and every Disney princess ever.

Babydoll: Cosplay Australia

Besides cosplaying, what else do you get up too?

I am a fully qualified sheet metal fabricator by trade, and for fun I do Muay Thai, Pole Gym, gaming, and write short stories! I hope to have my work published one day.

Hipster Ariel: James Niland Photography

Lastly, what else does 2016 hold for you?

I am hoping to attend more interstate cons this year! I also want to improve my skills and broaden my horizons and limits, and maybe do my first cosplay competition! I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead in 2016, and really want to put myself out there and give it all a go!

Nichameleon Cosplay Gallery
Katniss: Steamkittens

Jinx: Volk Photography
Catching Fire Katniss: Senergy Photography

Jinx: Volk Photography
Zubat: Cosplay Australia

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