Published on January 7th, 2022 | by Adrian Gunning

New Year’s Bonuses in Red Dead Online: Boosts in A Land of Opportunities, Call to Arms, Gang Hideouts, and all Featured Series, Plus Free Provisions and More

It’s a New Year in Red Dead Online with a month’s worth of bonuses and more across the frontier, including free Provisions to bolster a fresh start for all players.

Highlights for the month include:

  • Double RDO$, XP and Gold on A Land of Opportunity Missions, plus an Offer for 5 Gold Bars off the Butcher’s Table, Collector’s Bag, Moonshine Shack, Sample Kit, or either of the Bounty Hunter Licenses for completing the finale “Destroyed By Grief
  • Triple Ability Card XP on Call to Arms, and Double RDO$ and XP on all Featured Series
  • Double RDO$ and XP for clearing any Gang Hideouts, plus increased chances of finding Capitale when looting enemies downed at Gang Hideouts
  • A free “Hell Yeah” Emote for all Persistent Posse leaders that log in before February 1, plus waived Persistent Posse fees during the same period
  • Select Provisions are free all month long, including Tender Pork Loin, Mature Venison Meat, Prime Beef Joint, Cheese Wedges, Salted Beef, Barlett Pears, Fresh Peaches, Local Carrots, Hand Picked Corn, and Orchard Apples
  • A free Kneller Dakota Saddle for reaching a 3-day role challenge streak (in any role)
  • Returning Limited-Time Clothing: The Irwin Coat, Salter Shoes, Cossack Hat, Furred Gloves, Darned Stockings, Tied Pants and the Fanned Stovepipe Hat are now available at local Tailors and the Catalogue
  • Waived rank requirements on the Lancaster Repeater, Double Action Revolver, and Semi Auto Shotgun, at local Gunsmiths and the Catalogue
  • New Discounts: 50% off the cost of an Appearance Change, plus 30% off all Hats, Mustang Horses, and Nokota Horses
  • Prime Gaming Benefits: Players who connect their Social Club account to Prime Gaming through January 17 will get Rewards for a free Bolt Action Rifle and Coat, while doing so between January 18 and February 14 will net a Reward for a free pair of select Pants and an Offer for 30% off an Arabian Horse

In addition, new timed Bonuses, Rewards, and a different Featured Series will be available each week until the end of the month:

January 6–10:

  • A Reward for 2,000 XP for playing with a Persistent Posse
  • An Offer for 30% off any Revolver for winning a Featured Series match
  • A Reward for a free Ability Card for completing both a standard Bounty and either a Legendary or Infamous Bounty
  • Team Shootout Series (Hardcore) will be the Featured Series all week

January 11–17:

  • A free Treasure Map for turning in this week’s Weekly Collection by returning Tennessee Whiskey, Irish Whiskey, and Scotch Whiskey to Madam Nazar
  • A free Treasure Map for playing a round of Call to Arms with a Persistent Posse
  • An Offer for 30% off a Revolver for winning a match in this week’s Featured Series
  • Shootout Series (Hardcore) will be the Featured Series all week

January 18–24:

  • A Reward for 25 Capitale for completing a Blood Money Opportunity with a Persistent Posse
  • 100 rounds of Split-Point Rifle Ammo for hunting or sampling any Legendary Animal
  • An Offer for 30% off any Repeater for participating in a Nominated Series
  • The Featured Series this week will be the Takeover Series (Hardcore)

January 25–31:

  • A free Porter Jacket for playing with a Persistent Posse anytime during this week
  • A free Benbow Jacket for completing a Trader or Moonshiner Sell Mission
  • Players will still be able to score an Offer for 30% off any Repeater if they participate in a Nominated Series
  • And Team Gun Rush (Hardcore) as the Featured Series for this week

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