Published on April 13th, 2021 | by Adrian Gunning

New study: Aussies spend almost 17 years in a lifetime looking at their mobile phone

Do you feel like you spend more time looking at your mobile phone than ever before? Have you ever wondered how many hours in your lifetime you’ll spend scrolling, tweeting, watching, liking, and reading?

According to Reviews.org’s new report, the average Australian will spend 16.6 years of their life on their mobile phone (that’s 33% of their waking hours!).

You can see the full report here: https://www.reviews.org/au/mobile/aussie-screentime-in-a-lifetime/

After surveying 1,000 Aussies and finding that the average number of hours they spend on their phone every day is 5.5 hours, we wanted to find out how this added up over a lifetime. That total is 145,800 hours.

Here’s how the stats break down:

  • Aussies spend 5.5 hours per day on average on their phone
  • Aussies spend 16.6 years (or 145,800 hours) over a lifetime on their phone – when looking at the average lifespan (~82 years) and the average age Aussies get their first phone (~10 years old)
  • Aussies spend 33% of their waking hours on their phone
  • Gen Zers spend the most time on their phone (7.3 hours per day), followed by Millennials (6.7 hours per day), then Gen X (6 hours per day). The numbers of hours spent on their phone every day drops significantly for Baby Boomers (2.9 hours.)

Methodology: We surveyed 1,000 Australians about their mobile phone screen time, then factored in the average number of years that we own a smartphone, and compared that to current average life expectancies, and calculated against the average number of waking hours (about 16.7 hours.)

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