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New Radeon Overlay and WattMan video toolkit helps fans control gameplay & finetune performance

To bring Radeon gamers greater control over their experience, AMD has released new video toolkits for two powerful features within Radeon Software: Radeon Overlay and Radeon WattMan.

The all-new Radeon Overlay, which was just released with the launch of Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition in December, gives gamers the ability to monitor, record and fine tune their gameplay without ever leaving the game. Radeon Overlay provides one-click access to Performance Monitoring, Radeon Chill, Radeon FreeSync, Radeon Relive and more.

Radeon WattMan, a power management utility, allows users to control GPU voltage, engine clocks, memory clocks, fan speed and temperature. WattMan offers graphics tuning control and now lets gamers create custom profiles which can be saved, shared and loaded quickly and easily.

These ‘how-to’ video series serves offer a step-by-step guide for gamers to get the most out of Radeon Overlay and WattMan, with tips and tricks for getting complete control over your Radeon GPU and improving gameplay in real time.

To get the most out of Radeon Overlay, check out this playlist and the following videos:

For more information on Radeon WattMan, check out this playlist:

Stay tuned for upcoming ‘how-to’ content on AMD Link!

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