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New Overwatch Hero, Orisa, Live on PTR; Season Four of Competitive Play Now Available!

Introducing new Overwatch tank hero, Orisa! Specially outfitted for maximum fortification, the OR15A, fondly known as Orisa, is a four-legged robot developed to keep the peace in Numbani. Built by a brilliant 11-year-old engineer named Efi, and constructed from the scraps of a decommissioned defence bot, Orisa’s nascent AI makes her both protective and a bit naïve. What she lacks in experience, she makes up for in fulfilling her primary function: keeping her city—and her creator—safe from harm. Orisa is available for testing NOW on the Overwatch Public Test Region [PTR]. If you’d like to try her out, simply download the PTR client via the Blizzard Desktop App and log-in.

Ability Overview

Orisa’s main weapon is her Fusion Driver, an automatic, rapid-fire chain gun with good range and accuracy even at distance—though it comes at a cost, as Orisa’s movement slows down whenever she fires. Her Fortify ability boosts her personal defence, reducing damage taken and allowing her to become unstoppable for a short time.

Halt launches a graviton sphere across the map, slowing nearby enemies as it passes, and pulling them toward it when it detonates. Protective Barrier throws a device that creates a curved stationary barrier, perfect for deflecting projectiles and shielding teammates from the front, sides, and above. Lastly, Orisa’s ultimate ability, Supercharger, deploys a high-powered cylinder that beams a buff to allies within its range, increasing the damage they can inflict on the opposing team.

Standing by Your Side

Orisa is the sixth tank to join the Overwatch line-up, and much like her programming, her gameplay is engineered around protection. While the five tanks currently in Overwatch’s character roster are well-suited to a range of situations, right now there’s really only one option when you need to make a defensive stand with your team: Reinhardt. Like Reinhardt, Orisa is a more stationary tank whose primary goal is to protect a group of nearby teammates. Her shield gives her allies something to hide behind when it’s time to make a push, and her Supercharger ultimate gives teammates an incentive to stick close by. But Orisa isn’t just Reinhardt 2.0: Unlike Overwatch’s hammer-swinging knight, Orisa’s arsenal is built for range—her Fusion Driver packs a punch, but it’s also great at laying down suppressive fire. And while her barrier isn’t quite as durable as Reinhardt’s, she’s able to perform other duties after deploying it.

Season Four Competitive Play

In other Overwatch news, Season Four of Competitive Play is now live! Players can dive in and begin their placement matches to earn their starting rank, but before they do, we recommend reading the Competitive Play Season Four blog here, as we’ve made some changes to the skill rating system, as well as assault, escort, and hybrids maps. Rewards for Season Four will be outlined at a later date.

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