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New ‘Old World Edition’ of Total War: WARHAMMER with Additional Playable Race Out Early Next Year, Existing Players Get it for Free.

In February 2017, SEGA and CA will release ‘Total War: WARHAMMER – Old World Edition’, a repackaged version of the best-selling strategy game with new additional content.

This physical-only package will include an exclusive novella, ‘The Prince of Altdorf’ by Total War Writer Andy Hall, and a new playable race, the chivalrous Bretonnia.

For players who already own Total War: WARHAMMER, their game will be updated in February 2017, and Bretonnia will be made available for them to download, for free, at the same time.

A contrast of lowly peasant masses and proud knightly orders, the feudal kingdom of Bretonnia features a host of powerful units and is lead into battle by a choice of three playable Legendary Lords; King Louen Leoncoeur, Alberic of Bordeleaux and the Fay Enchantress. More details about this iconic Warhammer race will be revealed in the new year.

Total War: WARHAMMER – Old World Edition will be available at selected retailers from February 2017, please contact your favourite retailer for more information.

Total War: WARHAMMER continues to be the fastest-selling Total War ever, and is out now. For more details visit

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