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Collect all the official Minecraft graphic novels in this upcoming lineup! Dark Horse Books presents two new boxed sets: Minecraft Boxed Set by Sfé R. Monster and Sarah Graley, and Minecraft: Wither Without You Boxed Set by Kristen Gudsnuk. And there’s more–a new original graphic novel by Stephanie Ramirez, Minecraft: Open World—Into the Nether, for ages 10 and up.

The Minecraft Boxed Set collects Minecraft Volumes 1-3 and includes an exclusive poster by Sarah Graley. In this series, Tyler’s life is turned upside down when his family has to move away from his hometown. Thankfully, he has a strong group of friends forever linked in the world of Minecraft! Tyler, Evan, Candace, Tobi, and Grace spend their days going on countless adventures together in the expansive block world, always on the lookout for a new challenge. Along the way, monsters, pirates, bullies, and the dangers of the Nether will push them to the breaking point. But together, there’s nothing these friends can’t overcome!

The Minecraft: Wither Without You Boxed Set collects Minecraft: Wither Without You Volumes 1-3 and includes an exclusive poster by Kristen Gudsnuk. This series follows the lives of Cahira and Orion, twin monster hunters under the tutelage of Senan the Thorough. After an intense battle with an enchanted Wither, the two meet an unexpected and highly unusual ally: Atria, a girl cursed as a monster lure. To break her curse, the friends will traverse the length of the Overworld, facing dungeons, sorcerers, and even a zombie apocalypse! But what connection does Atria have to the mysterious Wither? And are the heroes a match for the powerful monster?

Minecraft: Open World—Into the Nether is a brand-new graphic novel exploring the Overworld. Sarah is new to the world of Minecraft, and without much knowledge of the world or how to play, she finds herself looking to veteran player Hector for help. Hector isn’t used to exploring the Minecraft world with anyone other than his parents, so he’s reluctant at first. However, Sarah’s enthusiasm and all-around energy bring Hector around, and the two become partners—but more importantly, friends!

Minecraft Boxed Set and Minecraft: Wither Without You Boxed Set will be available at comic stores October 12, 2022 and in bookstores October 11, 2022. Minecraft: Open World–Into the Nether will be available at comic stores October 26, 2022 and in bookstores October 25, 2022. They are all available for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and at your local comic shop and bookstore. Minecraft Boxed Set and Minecraft: Wither Without You Boxed Set will retail for $32.97. Minecraft: Open World—Into the Nether will retail for $10.99.

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