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New in GTA Online: Double Rewards on Select Heists & Contact Missions

Through June 18th, you and your trusted crew of Heist tacticians can double your take with Double GTA$ & RP on the following:


Lester’s been busy lining up high stakes job opportunities, and it’s time to cut your teeth on a bank job to prove your worth. The target is a safety deposit box in an unassuming Fleeca Bank branch on the Western Highway – the bonds in the box are well worth the risk. Scope it out, head to Little Seoul to source the getaway vehicle, then infiltrate the vault and get away clean. Have talent behind the wheel of the Armored Kuruma and make sure the Driller keeps a cool head to handle the hacking, along with a steady hand to infiltrate the safety deposit box.


Agent 14 is commissioning you and your team to spring a high-profile asset from Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Standard op for a breakout: you’ll need an inmate transport bus, a smuggler’s plane being used by the Vagos to traffic goods out of the country, a hardcopy of the inmate transfer schedule stolen from inside a police department and some heavy weaponry for good measure. To help things go smoothly, make sure you recruit a skilled pilot and a demolitions expert to the team. The good news for you, Professor Rashkovsky pays well.


When foreign agents mount an attack on a hidden IAA Facility, your crew must mobilize and breach the base to prevent international calamity. You’ll be up against a veritable army of Merryweather mercenaries, so pack heavy weaponry and heavy combat armor to fend them off. Repel the invasion, save the day, and net a tidy ransom.

Your old friend and totally legitimate businessman Mr. Yetarian is upping the ante for all skilled carjackers this week. Put in an honest day’s work and receive Double Cash & RP on all Simeon Contact Missions through June 18th.

Take advantage of discounted heavy combat outfits and bulletproof helmets when tackling Heists, which can be the difference maker in surviving your getaway. Also this week, Heist ringleaders can save on Facilities to launch The Doomsday Heist missions while up and coming entrepreneurs also get up to 50% off various criminal properties.

  • Facilities – 40% off
  • Hangars – 50% off
  • Executive Offices – 50% off
  • Bulletproof Helmets – 50% off
  • Street, Light & Heavy Combat Heist Outfits – 50% off

And in honor of the World’s game, sport the flags of the world with 50% off all Yacht Country Flags & Country Flag Parachute Bags through June 18th:

In addition, Warstock, Legendary Motorsport and Southern San Andreas Super Autos are offering up to 30% off a diverse range of Vehicles to get the job done in style:

For details on all GTA Online bonuses and discounts, check out the Social Club Events page.

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