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New Co-op Commander, Nova, Live Now; Overwatch’s D.Va is Coming to StarCraft II!

Terran Commander, Nova, is an exciting new Co-op Commander for StarCraft II, and is available now!

She has high-burst damage, but is fragile, and relies on her high-tech gadgets to be effective. Nova has different equipment sets, and can use them to adapt to any given situation by swapping between them while out in the field. She can use her Tactical Stealth Suit and Sabotage Drone to infiltrate the enemy base, taking out critical units and base defenses before her forces commit to an engagement. Once ready, she can go toe-to-toe using her Hellfire Shotgun and damage-absorbing Phase Reactor Suit. The Hellfire Shotgun deals massive area damage and can clear weaker enemies in one shot. Nova has very powerful base and production mechanics. She has a maximum army limit of 100, but does not need Supply Depots. Her production structures allow her to call down units to the battlefield instantly, bypassing the need for training time. These elite units are the best of the best, and are significantly more powerful than their standard counterparts.

Fans who want to play as Nova are able to purchase her for $6.95 AUD through the store here.

Blizzard are also pleased to announce that Overwatch’s D.Va is coming to StarCraft II! Fans attending BlizzCon in person, and Virtual Ticket holders, will receive the new D.Va announcer sound pack and portrait as part of the in-game goodies that come with their ticket purchase! In the coming weeks, D.Va will join the cast of other announcers currently available with Patch 3.7—and she’s the first announcer to come from outside of StarCraft II lore! Although D.Va is best known for her activities within Overwatch, her journey began in the StarCraft esports scene, where she became the #1 ranked player in the world at the age of 16. Her StarCraft experience makes her uniquely qualified to call the action as you play!

Patch 3.7 introduces new content, balance tweaks, and quality of life changes to the game. For an in-depth look at what’s new in StarCraft II, please visit the full patch notes blog here.

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