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Need for Speed Rivals PS4 Review

Need for Speed Rivals PS4 Review Admin

Summary: Need for Speed Rivals is a must have game for the PS4, especially if you love your racers


Super fun!

With the launch of the PlayStation 4 (PS4), you would think that Sony would have released Gran Turismo or Ridge Racer as a launch title but this is not the case. The racer that actually came to the rescue of this amazing new console was Need for Speed Rivals that not only features some truly amazing visuals but under its hood is a very sturdy gaming engine. Given that, seeing the Frostbite 3 Engine in action on the PS4 is truly a treat and really highlights the power of this next-gen console. It’s also given me a need, a need for speed!


Developed by Ghost Games, it’s easy to see where certain elements of Rivals feels like Burnout and this is definitely a good thing. Opposed to realistic racing simulators, Rivals is purely an arcade experience which feels really good to play on the PS4. However the biggest catch of Rivals against its competitors is the inclusion of AllDrive which is a social matchmaking system. Unlike traditional online games, Ghost Games have actually incorporated this into the main body of the game. This means that when you play, real gamers will come and go from your game which creates this extraordinary multiplayer experience.

In terms of gameplay, Rivals is like two games. One part of the game is a street racer and the other is being a police driver. This also ensures that the gameplay is kept quite fresh because both racer and police officer actually play quite differently. On one hand, the racer can upgrade their vehicles but on the other, the police have access to spikes, helicopters and other gadgets to stop illegal street racing. Racers also have firmer set objectives that must be completed and in turn rewards the player with achievements. Police also have set goals and also a time-limit to “disable” these racers. As you are racing in an open-world game, you do have access to a map/GPS which assists in supporting you in where to go or what to achieve next.


The controls are quite sturdy on the PS4 and everything is well mapped on the new DualShock Controller. The good thing about Rivals is that it caters for newbies and veterans alike. The developers have also streamlined the menu system of the game and rather than pausing the game and going into the menu, you can flick through the more common menus via the d-pad on the controller. The HUD in the game is also well placed which gives you access to a variety of important racing facets like speed, damage, nitrous-oxide and objectives. You also have a “heat” meter when the police are chasing you which in turn doubles your score. But if you get caught, you basically lose it all so it becomes this mad surge of adrenaline as you’re trying to escape the cops.


There is actually a story behind both parts of the game and although it’s clichéd, it does add a little bit of fun into the gameplay. You play Zephry, a street racer who records all his antics and then uploads them to YouTube in order to become the world’s next biggest viral wonder. Unfortunately Zephyr comes under the attention of the authority which creates this big game of cat and mouse that is sometimes reversed. And for the tough as nails police officer, you have a whole wealth of tech up your sleeve to catch these perps!

Another reward for the player are cutscenes and as you complete certain chapters in the game, the game unlocks additional bonuses for the player such as new cars and upgrades. As mentioned, racers can modify cars and even add decals and other mods to their car that is reminiscent of films such as Too Fast Too Furious. Given the graphics on the PS4, it’s easy to get lost in the various colours and decals of your cars as you are only limited by your own imagination.



Graphically, Need for Speed Rivals is eye candy on the PS4. The first thing you will notice about the game is the cars themselves which have been rendered quite realistically, especially the metallic look. Then you have the realistic backgrounds, special effects, lighting and you could be mistaken in thinking that you are watching a movie on TV. This is all thanks to the new Frostbite 3 engine which of course powers Battlefield 4. The highlight for me was the realistic weather effects. The downside to the graphics is that every now and then there are a few graphically glitches that do spoil the illusion a little. Audio is equally enjoyable and this is one game that must be played loud.

Final Thoughts?

Need for Speed Rivals is a must have game for the PS4, especially if you love your racers. This game is fun and it’s great that the developers have tried something a little different with their AllDrive system. Playing both the racer and the police were fun but nothing is more enjoyable than calling ahead to your police colleagues to lay down some spikes or if you want to get your hands dirty, firing an EMP at your opponents to disable their cars.

It’s just down right fun!

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