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NECA Wonder Woman Ultimate Collector’s 1/4 Scale Action Figure Review

NECA Wonder Woman Ultimate Collector’s 1/4 Scale Action Figure Review Admin

Summary: The NECA Wonder Woman Ultimate Collector's 1/4 Scale Action Figure is truly a "wonder" and is literally perfect!



This stunning  1/4 scale action figure from NECA perfectly captures the likeness of actress Gal Gadot who portrayed the powerful heroine known as Wonder Woman in the 2017 film of the same name. Standing at a massive 18″ tall or almost 46cm in height, this action figure boasts 35 points of articulation which allows the owner to pose this collector’s item in a variety of different positions that all capture the majesty and power of Wonder Woman herself.

Adding to the interactive nature of this 1/4 scale action figure is that includes a handful of accessories to enhance the poses which are the Lasso of Hestia, the Godkiller Sword, a Shield and three different pair of hands in order to add an element of realism that is not found in standard action figures. Adding to the presentation from NECA is the Window box packaging which channels its inspiration from the film which is one of my favourite films of 2017… oh… the working title for the sequel is Wonder Woman ’84.

Well packed from NECA, the first thing that you may notice about the Wonder Woman Ultimate Collector’s 1/4 Scale Action Figure is at how realistic this collector’s item looks and more importantly, the facial features that looks like Gal Gadot herself. Then you have the subtle intricacies of the figure from the smallest attention detail of her armour, her tiara or the battle worn shield that Wonder Woman carries while taking on the Nazis and Ares, the God of War.

With so much attention to detail and how amazing it looks, yhis action figure is definitely statue worthy and what gives it away that it’s not a statue are some of the articulation points, particularly on the arms, the elbows or the back of the knees…. in other words the “skin”. However this is expected from a 1/4 scale action figure and thankfully does not distract from the movie-like resemblance of this product.

Let’s talk about the sculpt. The head sculpt of this figure is almost perfect and from most angles it channels the beauty of Gal Gadot and what makes it even more striking are the eyes which are very realistic. Opposed to the prototype photos that were released by NECA (including in this review), this figure has a much more subtle and natural skin tone.

The hair sculpt is another feature and although it’s made from plastic, it flows quite well and almost looks real at times at how well it sits on the figure. Then you have the scars of war on the armour of Wonder Woman which makes the figure look slightly battled which works well. I also love the detail on the boots and her skirt and yes, you can pose the figure in classic arms crossed fashion.

The accessories that come with the figure once again boast some crazy attention to detail, particularly the Godkiller Sword from its runes in the middle to the mythical creature that creates part of the handle. Also swapping the hands on the figure is relatively easy but does require some force to remove them and then place the new ones in.

As the figure is a little top-heavy, some poses are a little tricky to achieve so you need to ensure a sturdy base and perhaps a little help from some Plasti-tack or Blu-Tack. All in all, this figure ticks all the right boxes for a thoroughly impressive 1/4 scale action figure that almost comes to life once you unleash your very own Wonder Woman!

Final thoughts?

NECA should once again be commended on creating such an amazing Collector’s item with their 1/4 Scale Wonder Woman Action Figure that really mirrors the likeness of Gal Gadot who portrayed this powerful amazon onscreen. There’s absolutely nothing not to like about this figure and from the high quality packaging, the insane attention to detail and 30+ points of articulation, it’s all about customisation and NECA have succeeded in this department, especially with its high quality sculpt.

Highly Recommended!

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