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NECA Superman (Christopher Reeve) 1/4 Scale Action Figure Review

NECA Superman (Christopher Reeve) 1/4 Scale Action Figure Review admin

Summary: The NECA Superman (Christopher Reeve) 1/4 Scale Action Figure is a perfect rendition of the late actor and is truly the definitive version of this character



Measuring at just over 18 inches (45.72cm) tall, NECA’s latest 1/4 scale action figure is one of the world’s most definitive versions of Superman that was played by the legendary Christopher Reeve. Besides the amazing height of this action figure, the first thing that you will notice about this statue-like product is the perfect likeness of actor Christopher Reeve that not only boasts his piercing blue eyes but also that famous superman hair curl.


His face also looks quite serious as if he is about to go head to head with General Zod or one of the other phantom zone villains. It’s definitely a movie accurate figure and best of all, it’s fully poseable and even comes with interchangeable hands. As a fun fact, NECA worked with both the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation and Warner Bros in order to do justice to this 1/4 scale action figure and after studying this collectible for the last week, I must admit that justice is indeed done and you’ll be believe a man can fly!


For collectors that don’t want to open up the figure, it comes in a box that mimics Superman’s fortress of solitude from both the 1978 and 1980 films with the classic superman shield logo on the bottom of the box. The figure is well packed and is tied down by plastic straps to prevent it moving during transit. These straps are twisted numerous times to keep the figure in the box and although with patience you can unwind them, I chose to use scissors to free Superman from his prison.

The cloth cape is also wrapped behind the figure and will take a few days to straighten once out of the box and the Superman shield is also on the back of the cape. I personally believe that all good collectibles should be on display. So once you take the this amazing 18 inch tall Christopher Reeve Superman figure out the box, you’ll also notice that it actually has quite a bit of weight which definitely helps it stand on its feet. However there is a slight lean to the front but this can be adjusted by moving the feet down a little.


In terms of movement, the figure can be posed in a variety of ways with joints around the shoulders, elbows, hands, upper legs, knees and feet. The joints are quite stiff so when you pose the action figure, can you rest assured that it will keep its pose. So whether you want to make Superman fly or put his arms behind his back, it’s all totally possible. With that said, the articulation is quite impressive and the joints don’t stand out too much when posed in variety of ways.


Another highlight of the figure is the paint job and although the face is a perfect rendition of Christopher Reeve, the Superman costume is well painted, especially the classic shield on his chest. The material cloth is quite sturdy which also assists in the various poses of this 1/4 scale action figure. Furthermore, the interchangeable hands are quite realistic but what you notice most about this figure are the blue eyes, realistic lips and that small indentation on the chin which mimics the late great Christopher Reeve. The paint used for the skin is realistic and the attention to detail is brilliant.

The costume also looks like it was made from material and I like how the cape goes inside the uniform at the top which makes it look quite real. Then you have the boots which mimic the shiny boots from the film with quite a decent amount of texture to assist with the overall realism. The only slight let down of this figure and I mean very slight is that the yellow paint on the belt does look a little uneven but given the amazing overall quality of this 1/4 scale action figure, it’s really a moot point.

Final Thoughts?

This figure is definitely made for the collector and NECA should be commended on such a perfect sculpt because this 1/4 scale action figure really mimics the legendary Christopher Reeve perfectly as Superman! Now I need to find a place of glory for this figure because it doesn’t fit into my IKEA display cabinet!


Recommended to all fans of Superman!

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