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NECA: NYCC Exclusive DC/Dark Horse Batman vs Joker Alien Set Review

NECA: NYCC Exclusive DC/Dark Horse Batman vs Joker Alien Set Review Andrew Bistak

Summary: Brilliance best describes the NECA: NYCC Exclusive DC/Dark Horse Batman vs Joker Alien Set


Killer figures

Straight off the bat from the excellent NECA NYCC exclusive, Green Lantern vs Sinestro Corps Predators (read our full review here –, comes the equally impressive Batman vs Joker Alien! This pair-up was inspired by the 1997 comic aptly entitled Batman/Aliens and pits “Batgod” against one of his most deadliest of foes, a Joker infected Alien.

Like the aforementioned figures, Batman vs Joker Alien are part of the 7″ line and boast over 30 points of articulation. As a clever twist, the tale of the alien is bendable and Bat’s cape is made from fabric which just enhances the various action scenes that you can create.

The black box also looks high-end that boldly shows these characters logos on the front and opening the box, you’ll find a window box packaging for those fans that don’t want to display them. However we’re with the camp that figures and statue should be on display!

For extras, Batman was really on his own on this occasion and comes with an exchangeable hand and his trademark Batarang plus a non-removable utility belt. Upon opening this box, you’ll be impressed with the sculpture, paint job and articulation. Batman is like a battle hardened badass and definitely looks like he has been through the wars and back.

The Alien Joker is aesthetically creepy and is like something has crawled up from hell with the Joker inspired colours on the face and its huge bendable tale with blood on it. While both are from the 7″ line of figures, the Alien Joker really looms over our favourite Dark Knight.

The Alien figure is pure gruesome and indeed the stuff from nightmares, particularly the head of this vile creature. Upon further inspection, the second mouth within the mouth is hideous but friggin cool at the same time. In terms of sculpts, the Alien Joker easily wins but the classic Batman (long ears) comes in a very close second and is easily one of the best Batman figures around.

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Final Thoughts?

I’m BATMAN! and indeed you will be with this fantastic and exclusive set from NECA. So beg, steal or borrow (well… don’t steal) but if you’re a fan or even just a collector of quality figures, then the NECA: NYCC Exclusive DC/Dark Horse Batman vs Joker Alien set is for you!

NECA Studio Gallery

The New York Comic-Con ran from Oct 3 to Oct 6 in 2019.

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