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Nanoleaf Launches 4D Camera and Announces Integration With Overwolf Gaming at Nanoleaf Live 2023 Event

Nanoleaf, the global leader in smart lighting technology and innovation, held its annual Nanoleaf Live 2023 event today to discuss the forthcoming roadmap whilst also unveiling a new product and integration requested by popular demand from its dedicated community.


Nanoleaf 4D Transforms Your Home Entertainment Experience

Nanoleaf 4D is a Screen Mirror & Lightstrip Kit that redefines the way you experience your favourite films, TV shows and video games. The Nanoleaf 4D Screen Mirror & Lightstrip Kit includes a Camera that captures the colours on your screen in real time and syncs them onto the addressable gradient LED lightstrip mounted behind it. The result is a true 4D effect that extends your content beyond your screen, filling your space with brilliant hues and dynamic gradients.

Choose from 4 Mirror Modes to customise your level of immersion: from a subtle ambient glow suited for more relaxed visuals (1D) to a direct match of your screen that takes you right into the middle of the action (4D). Users can even combine the Screen Mirror Modes with Rhythm Music Sync to simultaneously mirror the screen’s colours while reacting to soundtracks or in-game sound effects.

Using Nanoleaf’s exclusive Sync+ Technology, extend screen mirroring to all Nanoleaf RGB lighting devices* in the room to create an all-encompassing visual experience like never before. Connect over 50 Nanoleaf RGB devices at once, so you can truly take your entertainment beyond the borders of your screen and onto your light panels, light bars and beyond.

Nanoleaf 4D is engineered with unique Smart Remap Technology and can be cut to fit any size TV up to 85’’. The 4D Camera offers versatile positioning and can be placed on top or at the bottom of your screen. Nanoleaf never saves, stores or records anything from the camera—it’s only used to pick up the screen’s colours and includes a magnetic privacy cover for added peace of mind.

Control Nanoleaf 4D with the Nanoleaf App, using the convenient manual Controller, or with voice commands through your smart assistant. 4D is compatible with all major smart home platforms as well as IFTTT and Razer Chroma. Both products will receive an OTA update to become Matter-compatible later this year.

Nanoleaf x Overwolf Gaming Integration

Watch as your gameplay comes to life across your Nanoleaf RGB setup using the company’s new integration with Overwolf. Overwolf is a gaming software platform that captures in-game events and actions and syncs them up with your devices to create real-time reactions to transform your gaming experience.

Reactions for each specific game can be customized to suit the play style and events tied to the game’s aesthetic and color palette, creating a specially curated experience to enhance your gameplay. Nanoleaf’s Overwolf integration is compatible with dozens of the world’s most popular titles like Apex Legends, Call of Duty and Dota. Easily select preset animations or use advanced settings for customized colors to create a gaming experience that’s truly unique to you.

Overwolf can be used with Screen Mirror, mirroring your gameplay in between event reactions for the most immersive way to step into your favorite gaming universe. Overwolf can be set up using the Nanoleaf Desktop App and is available today.

Retail Availability

The Nanoleaf 4D Screen Mirror & Lightstrip Kit is available for pre-order today via the Nanoleaf AU site. The Kit is available in two Lightstrip lengths: 65’’ retails for AUD$189.99 and 85’’ retails for AUD$229.99. Products will begin shipping in mid-July. Customers who pre-order by June 28th, 2023 11:59 PM ET will receive a bonus AUD$30 Nanoleaf gift card. 4D Bundles (included with Shapes and Lines) are also up to 25% off until July 8th, 2023.

4D Camera: https://nanoleaf.me/en-AU/products/nanoleaf-4d/?category=4D&size=65

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