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Nacon Revolution 5 Pro Review (PlayStation 5, PS5)

Nacon Revolution 5 Pro Review (PlayStation 5, PS5) Andrew Paul

Summary: The Nacon Revolution 5 Pro give PS5 gamers a +10 to gaming!


Controller +10

Nacon have just launched their impressive wireless PlayStation 5 controller (the Nacon Revolution 5 Pro) that is also compatible with the PlayStation 4 and the PC which comes with a wealth of features. Designed for pro-gamers, the Nacon Revolution 5 Pro will also be a great match for “mortal gamers” like myself, especially if you’re looking for that gaming edge!

Welcome to the revolution …

Nacon Revolution 5 Pro Technical Features

  • Magnetic Hall effect technology: the sticks and triggers have greatly increased precision and durability thanks to magnetic technology that eliminates “stick drift”
  • Trigger Blocker: adapt to any situation in the game by customising the amplitude of your triggers
  • Multipoint wireless connectivity: connect the controller to your console, then easily and instantly switch between the sound on your console and your audio Bluetooth® peripheral
  • Full customisation: 4 profiles saved per platform, 3 sets of weights, 3 stick sizes, 3 sets of stick heads, 1 external microphone jack and no less than 60 customisation options
  • Application: customisation via the dedicated PC/Mac application (Android and iOS application available in 2024)
  • Vibration: The controller is equipped with two vibration motors compatible only with PC* and PS4™ games. In PS5® mode, for specific PS5® games that you play on the PS5® console, the controller will not vibrate
  • D-pad : In partnership with professional player Mister Crimson, we offer you exceptional control and precision
    *PC compatibility (Windows 10/11) not tested or approved by Sony Interactive Entertainment

… and yes, it’s also available in white.

This premium controller from Nacon comes with everything you need to hopefully enhance your PS5 experience from weights to make the controller lighter or heavier (located in the hand grips), different joystick heads and D-Pads, a high quality USB-C charging cable and even a heavy duty case for storage.

Speaking of heavy duty, the Nacon Revolution 5 Pro controller feels quite sturdy and the overall build quality is exceptional and feels great in the hands. Best of all, the learning curve is quite low as the controller successful replicates the feel and button layout of the PS5 DualSense controller.  As a fun fact, it is also an eco-friendly peripheral designed with a reduced carbon footprint that is better for our environment. Green gaming? Apparently so!

At its core, the Nacon Revolution 5 Pro is a wireless controller and the battery will last up to 10-hours (similar to the PS5 DualSense), however it can also be used as a wired controller thanks to its generous 3 metre long cable which plugs into the USB port on the PS5 or any other USB charging port. The non-tweaked controller weighs 315 grams, however this weight can be changed for that perfect balance. Compared to the original PS5 DualSense controller that measures at 160 x 66 x 106mm with a weight of 280 grams, the Revolution 5 Pro measure at 190 x 189 x 89 and its weight is 308 grams.

Box Contents

  • Revolution 5 Pro
  • Storage Case
  • Accessory Storage box
  • 2 D-Pads
  • Metal joystick rings (2 x 30″, 2 x 38″)
  • 6 Weights (2 x 10g, 2 x 14g, 2 x 16g)
  • 6 Joystick heads (2 concave, 2 convex)
  • 3metre USB-C Cable
  • USB Dongle
  • Quick start guide

Unboxing Gallery

To connect it to your PS5, you simply plug the USB dongle into the console in order to establish that wireless connection. So as you can see, a super and immediate connection to your PlayStation 5 or alternatively, hook it to your next-gen console via the included USB-C cable. Another great feature is the Revolution 5 Pro supports earbuds and headphones thanks to its Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity and yes, there is also a headset jack as well which really helps you zone out of the real-world and focus on the virtual world with focused audio.

In terms of customisation options, it offers gamers a diverse range of customising that includes the buttons, trigger, joysticks shortcuts and directional pad. There are also 4 embedded profiles per platform to quickly access your preferred gaming profile such as sports or first person shooters. With that in mind, there are around 60 customisation options on this controller that really sets it apart from what a PlayStation 5 controller is. Best of all, swapping between the different components is relatively easy such as pulling the joystick head up straight with two fingers and then placing the new one down by pressing it down. Very easy.

On the rear of the controller is a switch that allows you to swap between PS5, PS4 and PC. Add in volume control and the Nacon Revolution 5 Pro may very well replace your DualSense controller.

However for all this customisation love, there is one feature that the Nacon Revolution 5 Pro lacks when compared to the PS5 DualSense controller. Vibrational haptics are unfortunately absent on this controller that does (for some games) take away one of the sensory features when playing PS5 games but it works on the PC and PlayStation 4. However Nacon did add a trackpad but the lack of vibration on the PS5 is a little strange and probably not needed for pro-gamers.

If you are swapping between wired and wireless, you do need to move the switch on the controller to the relevant setting. This is also the same if you are swapping between PlayStation 4 and PC but again super easy to do.

Another great feature is that this pro controller comes with a trigger stop that is used to fire with as little trigger movement as possible that in essence shoots faster and is made for first person shooters. This feature can be deactivated if needed as well and if you are in the advanced mode on the controller, you can reduce the trigger range.

And drift? If you’ve ever experience stick drift before, Nacon help alleviate this gaming phenomena with Hall Effect sensors on the thumbsticks. This is done through magnets that are used to measure the voltage from the magnetic field which in turn creates improved physical accuracy in the real-world and better in-game precision.

In terms of aesthetics, the Nacon Revolution 5 Pro looks and has been designed for gaming battles with an almost military / futuristic style to it. Needless to say, it looks great and with the heavy duty case, it’s like a Gangster with their violin case but inside it… something very powerful.

While there are some similarities to the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller, it also stands apart from it as well and looks more rugged. Additionally it has an RGB LED ring around the right thumbstick, including indicator lights to let you know what the controller is doing such as swapping between profiles or if the battery is getting low.

To customise the controller, you do need to install the PC software (Revolution 5 Pro) which is where the fine-tuning magic occurs. Although there is no PS5 app Nacon are releasing a smartphone app in 2024 to make this process easier.

Software Setup

The software is quite easy to use and there is even a tutorial. Mapping, Sicks & Dpad, Triggers, Lighting Effects, Audio Equalizer and Vibration is all included. You can even map the rear shortcuts in manual mode which is done by holding down the multifunction button for 3-seconds.

Further, the controller does come with four pre-loaded profiles to make your gaming simpler that include;

  • Racing – Sports
  • FPS (First Person Shooters)
  • Arcade – Fighting
  • Infiltration

Volume can be controlled directly from the controller’s audio buttons and obviously there is a Bluetooth button that allows you to pair external headphones or earbuds to the Revolution 5. To connect a Bluetooth audio device, you need to put the earbuds or headset into true wireless mode and then hold down the Bluetooth button on the controller for 6-seconds. The light ring will flash between blue and white and once paired will stop. It’s a little fiddly but does work and more importantly allows for those external wireless audio devices.

What about gaming? I tested the Nacon Revolution 5 Pro with a variety of titles that included Mortal Kombat 1, Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Diablo V, The Crew Motofest and The Invincible. The end result? I really loved the feel and accuracy of this controller and dare I say, my gaming seemed better on this controller than the official Dualsense one. Swapping between the pre-loaded profiles is also a gaming godsend as it puts the controller in the right mode for that particular gaming genre. All in all, an excellent gaming controller from Nacon and I love the back buttons on the rear of the Revolution 5 Pro!

Final Thoughts?

If you’re looking for in-depth customisation options for your PS5 gaming, then look no further as the Nacon Revolution 5 Pro offers both pro and experienced gamers a means to that end. Of course there are some caveats here that means you need a PC and you do lose the haptics of the DualSense controller but given that, the ability to tweak with no drifting plus unparalleled performance is for many, worth the admission price alone.

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