Published on July 6th, 2024 | by Andrew Paul

Mystique Review (Magician Michael Boyd) … be captivated!

Melbourne’s very own illusionist Michael Boyd is touring Australia with his current show Mystique that is a mix of magic, illusions and cabaret as he took the audience of the Geelong Arts Centre on an entertaining and magical journey. Michael is also joined by two female dancers (Annelise Jenkin, Tegan Burns) who look and perform like they are straight from Las Vegas plus his apprentice Journey Malone as they wow the crowd with some unimaginable illusions, including spectacular dance numbers.

As a fun fact, Michael was a finalist on Australia’s Got Talent and has toured the world with his  show as he channels his inner showman which is not only quite infectious but quite amusing at times. There is also some audience interaction as he picks some younger volunteers from the crowd such as performing classic rope and card tricks to a floating table. Although Michael pays homage to the magicians before him (including his grandfather magician Stanley Boyd), he ensures his show is modern and contemporary with some spectacular illusions that had everyone in the audience wondering how in Hogwarts was it done!

From making both himself and his performers vanish (and reappear) to Michael being spun (and pierced) on a sword – remember it’s magic to escaping the deadly scorpion apparatus with its 8-blades and then appearing in the crowd, his show Mystique really cements the fact why he was a finalist in Australia’s Got Talent.

I even concentrated super hard to see how he was performing this modern wizardry but his act was flawless. Speaking of modern wizardry, Micheal also does an amusing act with Apple’s “Siri” as he squashes a banana (that should be a bandana) and like his performers, makes it disappear. Funny stuff.

Further, Mystique is brought to life by its clever use of lighting  (Happy birthday Tony) and the colorful costumes of dancers Tegan and Annelise which equally bedazzles in the light as they mirror cultures from Africa and Asia as a theme to the next trick. Like Michael, the choreography of the dancers was perfect as they performed to the loud music that served as a prelude to our Magician’s next moment.

Final Thoughts?

Mystique successfully pays homage to the magician’s of yesterday (e.g. the locked box with answers) as illusionist Michael Boyd shakes it around (like his performers) to create something totally modern and contemporary (the mixture of dancing and mind bending disappearances) as he casts his spell on the audience.

Definitely a magic show for children of all ages.

To learn more about Michael Boyd is to buy tickets to his next show, please visit

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