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Get ready for Muffin Break’s latest indulgence; the ‘Chocolate with Salted Caramel’ muffin. Formulated as a part of the Muffin Lab, this wacky creation is a twist on a traditional movie treat.

Fans will be star-struck by the scrumptious salted caramel muffin, which has been baked into a crispy ice-cream cone, dipped into gorgeous Lindt chocolate and sprinkled with candied nuts for the ultimate crunch.

Freshly baked on-site every day, this muffin act will keep fans guessing right until the very chocolatey end. Recently released in over 200 Muffin Break stores Australia-wide it is sure to be a mega-hit. However it is only available for a limited time, from Monday 5th October and the final showing will be on Sunday 1st November, 2015. 

Muffin Break’s Muffin Lab brings excitement and intrigue every month, with the continual release of deliciously wacky flavours, such as; the return of the ever popular Duffin, to launch on November 2nd, with two new surprise fillings and in December the Lab will unveil Jenny’s Bread and Butter Muffin. A creation that was invented with help from one of our ‘Suggest a Flavour’ competition winners. Our other mouth-watering successes include;

  • Big Top
  • Choccy Choccy Bang Bang
  • Morello Cherry Supernova
  • Clementine Collision
  • Phantasmagorical Bacon Maple
  • Red Velvet

John Macphail, Muffin Break Brand Manager, says, “We are proud and excited to see our 200+ Muffin Break bakers handcraft, each Muffin Lab creation as design intended. Each month the Muffin Lab gets more delicious and even more exciting and this month is no different.”

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