Published on April 27th, 2022 | by Andrew Bistak

mophie powerstation go rugged flashlight review @mophie

mophie powerstation go rugged flashlight review @mophie Andrew Bistak

Summary: The mophie powerstation go rugged flashlight is the perfect emergency device for your car and home!


Smart lighting!

mophie are one of the leaders in portable charging and we had the opportunity to check out their very clever powerstation go rugged flashlight that again makes their tech think outside the square. The go rugged flashlight is also part of their powerstation range which includes the following new products;

  • powerstation go rugged compact ($179.95AUD)

    Compact portable battery with USB-A ports, floodlight, and car jump starter.
    for Smartphones, Tablets, Full-sized Vehicles, USB-A Devices
  • powerstation go rugged w/ air compressor ($279.95AUD)

    Portable battery with USB-A ports, air compressor, and car jump starter.
    for Tablets, Full-sized Vehicles, USB-A Devices, All Cars, Trucks, Boats, Smartphones, Gaming systems
  • powerstation go rugged flashlight ($199.95AUD)

    Flashlight with built-in battery charger, work light, and car jump starter.
    for Smartphones, Tablets, Full-sized Vehicles, USB-A Devices

So as you can see, there is a product for different needs and if you’re looking for a very versatile “smart” flashlight, then the powerstation go rugged flashlight is the perfect solution as not only does it offer a powerful flashlight at 450 lumens but it also boasts a LED work/SOS light.

Further, you can charge your smart devices and it even has the ability to jump start you car courtesy of the powerful 36.6Wh battery. Additionally, charging the powerstation go rugged flashlight is made easy via a USB-C connection to provide quick charging.

mophie also ensure that you have everything you need which includes the following;

  • powerstation go rugged flashlight
  • Quick-Start Guide
  • AC Wall Plug (universal connections)
  • Carrying Pouch
  • Charging Cable (USB-C Cable)
  • Jumper Cables

Unboxing Gallery

From the gallery above and as you may have guessed, mophie have created a very solid flashlight. The main torch supports two lighting strengths which is activated by pushing the button and under it is the LED battery metre. On the flip side, there is a work/SOS light that offers a white and red LED which like the torch is quite bright. On the side of the flashlight is a USB port and on the bottom, there is a charging port, connection for the car jumpers plus a button to activate this feature.

Final Thoughts?

With a recommended retail price of $199.95AUD (April 2022), the powerstation go rugged flashlight is indeed a very rugged product that is not only professionally built but very sturdy. Given the lumens of the light, it is super bright and is the perfect torch to have in your car should you need some emergency lighting (e.g. change a tyre) and the ability to jumpstart your car. Then you have the work light and SOS feature which again increases the scope of this flashlight and of course a USB connection to charge a myriad of smart devices.

Highly Recommended!


  • Compatibility: smartphones; tablets; other USB-A devices; full-size vehicles
  • Battery capacity: 9,900 mAh @ 3.7V internal battery
  • Charging ports: USB-C input; jumper cable output; USB-A output
  • Input / Output current
    • USB-C input: 5V/2A
    • Jump start output: 12V/400Amps
    • USB-A output (2): 5V/2.4A
  • Dimensions: 10.43 x 2.85 x 2.28 in (265 x 72.5 x 58 mm)
  • Weight: 1.15 lb (522 g)



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