Published on February 1st, 2024 | by Howard Smith

Moon Man #1 Review

Moon Man #1 Review Howard Smith

Summary: Moon Man is wrapped in mystery that doesn't reveal too much, but just enough that it reels you in.


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Returning from a failed mission to breach the surface of the moon, Moon Man #1 follows the aftermath of Ramon’s experience and the seven missing minutes no one seems to recall or capture on camera. Bombarded by a ray of questions and concerns upon his medical release, Ramon just wants to go back to a quiet place where he can just chill. Unfortunately, something much bigger than him is calling to him, but what it is he doesn’t know just yet. Glimpses of strange phenomena occur as Ramon tries to understand them, but when his brother joins a protest that turns violent, he awakens something profoundly interstellar. What is Ramon becoming and how does it connect?

Making a comic book debut, Scott Mescudi (a.k.a. Kid Cudi) brings forth an interesting story with a popular comic book writer and the co-writer of the series, Kyle Higgins (Radiant Black, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers). Moon Man #1 comes off as one of those stories that might seem like it isn’t going anywhere at first, but the story is processed as a slow burner. With this design, the story can follow a buildup of interactions and progression that leads the reader to be drawn in more. The want to know what happened to Ramon becomes the center of interest but isn’t fully revealed to keep the mystery intact. Mescudi and Higgins’ do just that by giving readers quick experiences of Ramon’s lapse in memory and subsequential visions of something unexplainable to the naked eye. For fans of Kid Cudi and his music, it’s clear that he’s preparing readers for a unique avenue of storytelling similar to his music. The book title itself appears to be a relevant throwback of nostalgia to his 2009 album Man on The Moon: End of Day, which most fans of his work would call a full circle.

Comparatively, Moon Man #1 is illustrated beautifully by Marco Locati (Campisi: The Dragon Incident). As Locati hasn’t been in the business long, it’s clear that the level of talent is present. Panels were executed well. The flow of the story was solid, and the artwork served its purpose of conveying an excellently written imagination. Locati is perfect for the debut of this comic book and was the right choice to bring on board.

Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou’s (The Flash, Hawkgirl) lettering work is superb for Moon Man #1. If readers didn’t notice, Otsmane-Elhaou has a special use of lettering and sound effects that differentiate him from other letterers. Due to the specific style, it’s a pleasure to read, especially in a story such as this. Speaking of special use, Igor Monti (Radiant Black, Inferno Girl Red) on colors work wonders by vividly expressing the story’s shift in atmosphere within each page.

Locati’s artwork for the cover of the comic book is magically enticing. It resonates with a sense of mystery and adventure waiting to happen.

Overall, Moon Man #1 is a cool read for those looking for something new and a break from any traditional books on the market. Be sure to check this comic book out at your local comic book store or online where copies are sold.

Comic Details

Writers: Scott Mescudi, Hyle Higgins

Artist: Marco Locati

Colors: Igor Monti

Letterer: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

Cover Artist: Marco Locati

Editor: Michael Busuttil

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: January 31st, 2024

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