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Summary: A revealing issue that explores some interesting plot developments.


Questions are answered

Finally, on the Isle of Bones, Maika comes face-to-face with a powerful and dangerous Ancient, who talks about omens and prophecies that are directly linked to her past. This is the moment Maika’s been waiting for as she finally gets the answers she’s been seeking…but at what cost?

The Blood Fox, a terrible and sinister Ancient, who was cast out and imprisoned on the Isle of Bones for two thousand years is Maika’s only chance at getting the information she’s after. A deal is struck between the two, as Maika agrees to release the Blood Fox from his bonds, freeing him in exchange for information about the mask and the Monstrum who lives inside of her. This is the moment we have been waiting for, as the veil is lifted and we finally learn about Moriko’s masterplan, Maika’s connection to the mask and how she stands at the centre of a dark and terrible prophecy with her blood deciding the fate of the world…intense! Meanwhile, Master Ren and Kippa decide to slink off, as Ren suspects a nasty plot is afoot and feels like something isn’t quite right about this place, aside from the fact they are standing on the bones of a dead Elder God. Everything on this island hungers, especially for a fresh fox cub and a nosy cat, so it’s only a matter of time before they are captured, however, nothing will restrain Master Ren for long. Things quickly escalate and Maika and company hightailed it off the island as quickly as possible, but not before the Monstrum awakens and reveals some sad and sorrowful news about it’s past.

Here we are, finally with some answers to those questions Maika has been chasing for so long. A lot is revealed to us during this issue and it’s all starting to feel like the pieces of the puzzle are beginning to come together. This is a dense and complicated timeline of events but I find that Marjorie Liu handles the lore perfectly, delivering it to us in interesting ways, via flashbacks or memories that are being recounted. I enjoy the fact that the story is often told to us in a disjointed way, as it allows for the reader to piece it together and come to conclusions and theories on their own. I’ve also noticed that we are seeing more of the Monstrum and therefore learning important details about this strange and dangerous creature. I also find it interesting that at times the Monstrum seems like the voice of reason as it tries to calm the hot-headed Maika, who is often impulsive, impatient and quick to anger in certain situations. Theirs is an interesting dynamic and I’m really beginning to enjoy seeing their peculiar relationship evolve throughout the story.

Sana Takeda’s art is both beautiful and haunting. Each scene is filled with wonderful details that are diverse and engaging. The Old Gods are drawn using very fine line work that makes them look like detailed etchings. I also find this echoed in various designs in the architecture, clothing and fabrics that many of the character’s wear. I love Takeda’s ability to make things both very beautiful and horrifying at the same time. For instance, I particularly loved the Blood Fox, with his piercing eyes and malicious face, looking like a picture of insanity one minute, then reclining in a chair and smoking a pipe, looking calm and serene, the next. I appreciate contrasts like this and find it interesting in showing the duality in the characters personality and also Takeda’s art. The overall tone of this issue is established by the effective colouring, as everything possesses a luminescent and somewhat magical quality. It feels like a sinister dreamscape, as everything is bathed in an iridescent light that glows and refracts of objects and surfaces.

Monstress #11 is a revealing issue that explores some interesting plot developments as it pushes toward the end of the second story arc. Things are getting interesting as we delve deeper into Maika’s personal history and her blood connection to the mask and the Monstrum. I’m looking forward to the following issue and seeing what Maika plans to do with this newly discovered information.

I’m giving this issue 4.5 out of 5 stars!

WRITER: Marjorie Liu
ARTIST: Sana Takeda
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
PUBLICATION DATE: April 19, 2017
REVIEWER: Dana Folkard

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