Published on April 13th, 2024 | by Howard Smith

Monsters Are My Business #1 Review

Monsters Are My Business #1 Review Howard Smith

Summary: It’s straightforward action storytelling at its best.



Gnarly Adventure

Monsters Are My Business #1 follows a ragtag band of tough monster hunters who take odd jobs for hire. When an old acquaintance appears to offer Griz and the crew a job, he’s reluctant to take the offer, but as it would have it bills need to be paid around their place of business. After much thought and consideration taking a job with the people who burned him, Griz takes it on. Of course, his best buddy Cuddles, who happens to be a chainsaw-wielding koala tags along for the mission. Hillary gives her choice of words that both indicate her worry and stake over Griz, but that won’t stop him.

Written by Cullen Bunn (Army of Darkness, Aquaman, Asgardians of the Galaxy), the story is saturated in blood and gore. The narrative of this story suits its title so well that even the reader will find this book fun to read. Speaking of fun, the comic book starts with action that reels the reader into an interesting moment. This moment establishes the kind of world that the comic book resides in. It’s not a pretty setting as it’s made clear by the main character narrating what’s happening in that world. Monsters Are My Business #1 does what comic books are supposed to do: entertain and savor the experience first-hand. It’s messy, but in a fun way that’s sure to feel like a comic book that doesn’t involve too much of itself than it needs to. It’s straightforward action storytelling at its best.

In comparison, the artwork for Monsters Are My Business #1 is wickedly cool. Patrick Piazzalunga’s (X-Factor) illustrations leave a lasting impression on its storytelling process. Piazzalunga’s artistic contributions enhance the vividness of Cullen’s imagination for this comic book. The flow of the panels from page to page feels fluid. It’s well-constructed for readers to follow along with little to no confusion. The coloring work by Marco Brakko (Grimm Universe Presents Quarterly: Steampunk) is astounding. There are a few moments where the coloring scheme shifts, but it’s only to fit the mood of a particular moment or scene. Brakko’s work as the colorist is appropriate for a comic book such as this.

With Jim Campbell (Adventure Time, The Avengers, Doctor Strange) on letters, the comic book is structured with dialogue that doesn’t obstruct the overall visual experience of the story. Campbell’s placements of sound effects, captions, and word bubbles are fashioned so that readers can enjoy the comic book entirely.

Piazzalunga and Brakko illustrated an excellent cover art for Monsters Are My Business #1. It’s enticing and yet adventurous simultaneously.

Overall, Monsters Are My Business #1 is a fun comic book to read. It’s one of those comic books that allow for a free range of creativity. If you’re looking for something different pick up this one at your local comic book store or online where comics are sold.

Comic Details

Writer: Cullen Bunn

Artist: Patrick Piazzalunga

Color Artist: Marco Brakko

Letterer: Jim Campbell

Cover Artists: Patrick Piazzalunga, Marco Brakko

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Release Date: April 10, 2024

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